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Awakening...for Gloria and all

"I" have experienced a gradual awakening over the past several months. And the realization and expansion of this continues...I am so grateful to God. I thought that this was such a dream of a "goal'. And yet it has happened. Thank you dear Gloria for being such a courageous servant of Father to allow the Divine to enter you...and flood this internet site with A Presence so Loving and so True. This Presence certainly flooded me and changed me forever. I am now starting to do workshops in Sedona and will be tavelling to share this heart with others. (to Europe soon as well) I am hopelessly and gratefully in love and merged with the Divine. Jim.

Hey, let us know, okay?

Hey, let us know, okay?


Yes Jochen I will. Love and many blessings...J

Congrats, Jim. And where is

Congrats, Jim. And where is Jimi on all this?!!!! Is he having a wonderful time too!

Hi Gloria

He comes out still from time to time...and is merging with "me". Love, Jim.


Thank you for telling, dear Jim.


Sweet one Emilia. Love you, Jim.

Thank you Jim

I am lost in awe at beauty and radiance of God shining through you. I thank you for being here now Jim and I am honoured and overjoyed that God came into my life as the love and gentleness and sweetness that you are.
Loving you always.

Hello Berit

So beautiful your words are Berit...and I feel their truth in my heart. I feel somehow I may travel to Europe soon. It would be such an honour to meet you. Did you say you lived in...was it Switzerland...or perhaps Italy? Much love, Jim.

Wherever you travel there I

Wherever you travel there I live...

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

(If I'd been out till quarter to three, would you lock the door?)




How odd. You mean you haven't a birth date?

What door?

I love openings without doors. I think my heart has many openings but no doors so it can never be closed again. is an open heart...and yet it is a hearth as well...where a fire grows...I love this fire...that appears to devour so much that is unlike itself...I love this fire...that refuses to be put out...I love this fire...that thankfully, gratefully I have no will to stop. I am this fire...and are too beloved Jochen. Jim. pps. Where do you live?...I come visit you....pps. Fire is knocking at your door...and it is okay if you don't answer...for fire can burn through wood. (just being playful...maybe!!!! ha ha)


Are you a pyromaniac? It would be so lovely, I love all manias ( I am megalomaniac).


but I am a pyrophiliac...Jim


A sense of fire, yes, I have it too, lukewarm people don't go anywhere.

Whatever "pyro.." you are

Whatever "pyro.." you are dearest Jim, kindly inflame our hearts, that we might be filled with God's love and delight and that we may be overflowing with joy like firecrackers, or better lovecrackers .....
loving you always.