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Dear Gloria,

I am glad we are getting new French subscriptions. I get it that 20275 is the total number on the mailing list, good job from you first, and from us all.

For your information, I learned about Heavenletters through a site called "The Rainbow Scribe" when, once, I was doing an internet search on the name "Hilarion". There is a direct link to Heavenletters on that site.
I wish you a great Sunday.


Chantal, French translator

Beloved Chantal, thank you

Beloved Chantal, thank you so much for posting!

There is a nice story behind your finding out about Heavenletters™ through Hilarion. Hilarion is really Marlene Swetishoff. Marlene is a long-time Heaven subscriber. My first real introduction to Marlene was when she sent a beautiful email asking for permission to make a video of Heavenletters for us. Of course, I said Yes. And Marlene was devoted to making beautiful videos.

I will have to ask Marlene for the links because I haven't been able to locate them.

Then there was a time when Marlene emailed me personally. I wish I still had that email. She was receiving messages from God. As I remember, she felt that reading Heavenletters had had an effect on her that lead to hear receiving the messages she was receiving..The messages she gave me to read were beautiful. I told Marlene of a few sites where she could send the messages she receives with the idea of having them published. And so she is. It's been a few years now, and I continue to see Marlene's published work often.

I imagine everyone knows that doing the kind of work Marlene and I are doing is not lucrative, to say the least.

But Marlene is the kind of person who doesn't forget someone who helped her, and once or twice a year, she sends a donation to Heavenletters. Where did I read that one came back to say thank you? In this category, not having taken a Godwriting™ workshop, yet havung had some influence from Heavenletters (yet, of course, primarily influenced by God) Marlene, year after year, continues to thank Heavenletters. And now she has thanked us by sending us a great new French translator.

And, so, we are a community!

Here is Marlene's web site::

Thanks for everything, Marlene.


Beloved Gloria!

Heavenletters continually inspire me from On High to look deep within on my path back to God...there have been more times than I can say when the perfect answer or perspective came to me just at the right time and that answer always came to me through one of God's Heavenletters...keep on keeping on GodWriting! You are an inspiration to us all!
With much Love and many Blessings,

Here are the links to some of the videos....

God Would Do a Song and Dance, (Heavenletter #2745)

A Rose Among Roses (Heavenletter # 2750)

A Gift of Light (Heavenletter#2831)

I am so happy to hear from

I am so happy to hear from you! What a gift you are! And you included the links to the videos you made. Thank you so much.

I love the titles of the Heavenletters you made videos of. I'm going to watch them right now. I'm also going to put the URLs in a safe place and from now on, I will know where to find your Heavenletter videos.

I'll come back here after I've watched them.

Thanks again for creating the videos, giving us the links, and, most of all, for being who you are.

Chantal, do you see what you started?!!!! Thank you, French translator.

I went to watch the first

I went to watch the first video, God Would Do a Song and Dance, and forgot that my internet here is too slow. What this means is that the video stops every few seconds and takes a while before it starts up again. This happens every few seconds. Not really viewable. Heaven Admin has ordered an installed internet provider. It will take a couple of weeks before the company will install it. We're hoping above hope that it will be faster than the wireless.

Marlene, meanwhile, I found this is the Portuguese version of the God Would Do a Song and Dance! Now I remember that you did many translations. Wow, you are good!

Meanwhile, will someone with a good internet connection watch these videos and tell us about them? And see, if you will, what other Heavenletter videos you can find and list for us here?