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Sawasdee ka I am new

Sawasdee ka from Bangkok,

My name is Pearl and I'm new to the forum :) Much thanks to Gloria for inviting me. I found HeavenLetters on Facebook, but can't recall how I came across it....hard to believe I've become so forgetful! :)

I look forward to exchanging joy with everyone!


Beloved Pearl, how welcome

Beloved Pearl, how welcome you are!

I love your expression -- exchanging joy! That's beautiful.

Looking forward to more of your consciousness here on the forum.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Dear Gloria, Thank you very

Dear Gloria,

Thank you very much for your warm welcome! I've never been in a forum nor blogged before, just never had an interest in it. Thank you for the encouragement which I received today from your friend in Italy on behalf of the team..this will be the first forum because it really resonates with me :)

It's been a little bit challenging to stay thoroughly positive these couple of days due to PMS...but now I know it's just in my mind -- it makes me smile everytime I think of the 'cellular attraction' I've created for myself, and that puts me at peace. I know I'll be fine.

Thank you for being there.


That must be Berit from

That must be Berit from Italy who wrote to you! (Thanks, Berit.)

So happy to have you here, beloved Pearl.

Looking forward to more!

With love and blessings,


Yes it was Berit, thank you

Yes it was Berit, thank you very much Berit!

Thank you, Gloria!