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A letter to Gloria from Germany

Dear Gloria,
I want to say hello to you! I am since years so happy to read this wonderletters. And they are a wonder to me, because God touches me and speaks direct to my heart, and this is a wonder to me. My love to God is still growing and I know it is because of your Letters. Also I am getting so much answers to my questions for example: where is God, what is God, what am I...

The words of God help me so much, to find the right way in my life. The power to change myself is within me. And that Gods power and love is also within me. I also often feel so glad and happy, walking with my dog in the nature and I love to listen to music I like. It is as if my happiness is growing too every single day. And there where heavenletters, that made me cry, because the letter from God was as if it was written exactly to me an my (sad) situation at this day.

I did start to search for God a long time ago, when I was 20 years old. Now I am almost 50. And before I found Heavenletters, I discovered two other spiritual writers, Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch which I both still love and read or hear sometimes.

I also had some miracles in my life. There was a time, after my father was nearly dying, I prayed to Jesus and suddenly, I became direct answers from somebody in me, I believe it was Jjesus talking to me. It was so great and exciting, that I felt bad, against my husband, it was, like I fell in love to another man. The words were so powerfull I was a bit afraid about them, so they stopped, but I was deep deep in love with Jesus-God for a year or more, I had to go to church to be with God as often as possible. That happened, when I was 35 years old.

I found your Heavenletters, when I was searching for Neale Donald Walsch on the internet. I found Theophil Baltz and his homepage and there I found your letters.

Thank you dear Gloria for each word of God, I can read from you!

Uta Steger-de Gruyter

Beloved Uta, how wonderful

Beloved Uta, how wonderful to receive your magnificent email, and how wonderful of you to write it Thank you so much.

What a beautiful story yours is.

I'm wondering if you have read the Story of Heavenletters on the forum? I mention that because I too had a Christ experience. Whereas you were impelled to go to church as often as possible, I seemed compelled to watch JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR 135 or so times, and then GODSPELL 30 or so times.

Uta, so much I want to say to you.

Dear Uta, will you send as an email attachment an informal candid photo of you and your okay to post it on the Reader Comment page and/or in Heaven News along with some words you posted today?

And I would also love to have your email address. I couldn't seem to find you on the Heavenletter mailing list.

We too are so grateful to Theophil for all he does and gives to Heavenletters.

I would love you to post your thoughts under each day's Heavenletter, is that okay?

Looking forward to more and more from you.

Your friend,


Dear Gloria, thank you!!

Dear Gloria, thank you!!

You make me very happy!! Yes, thank you for reminding me: I red your story a year ago or so and I will read it again soon. I remember that you loved "Jesus Christ Superstar" and I too love the musical very deeply. I discovered it 2 or 3 years ago and I can't stop, watching it. My family was laughing at me about my passion and I really don't like musical so far. But the music and the message is telling so much about Jesus and his life: A loving man, brought to the earth a long time ago. A beloved example to all of us. Him we can give our respect and love because he showed us, how mankind is able to behave so that we can bring Heaven on earth. I decided that at my funeral I want the intro at the beginning of be played.
I don't know Godspell but I will order it soon.

Yes, I'll look for a photo - it takes a few days.

My email adress is Uta [dot] steger [at] fsmuc [dot] com

Thank you, I really don't know if I have interesting thoughts to your Heavenletters, but I'll try it. Unfortunately my english is pretty bad.
Liebe Grüße (love) :)

Ah, Uta, I am not alone in

Ah, Uta, I am not alone in loving the movie Jesus Christ Super Star.

I LOVE your idea about the music at your funeral! May I steal your idea? I can't seem to recall the intro.. I'm going to have to watch it again. I'll see if I can find it online.

From Godspell, I might choose the song Day by Day which comes to mind..

Dear Uta, I have a big argument with you. What is this you are saying? Your English is bad?

Please don't say that anymore. It's not true. Your English is EXCELLENT.

I'll look forward to your photo AND to your comments under Heavenletters.

A thousand blessings!

Love, Gloria

Hello Gloria! I'm sorry, I

Hello Gloria!
I'm sorry, I have to correct my first Comment. It is not the intro I would choose from Jesus Christ Superstar. I just watch it. It was the song that is played, when Jesus dies. My Musical is a videoversion made in London I think with Glenn Carter and Jerome Pradon. I found only one song on you-tube, It's "this Jesus must die". I hope, you can open it if you like.

At lot of Love!

Beloved Uta, I found all the

Beloved Uta, I found all the lyrics here:

Earlier I found the sound tracks as well. Let me see if I can find it again.

This link has the music to just one song from the movie. It felt so good to hear it again.

If we searched more, I bet we could find them all!

Here's another:

Okay, I think we can download all the music from here! Nope, I could just see the movie and listen to the music of one song.

Wow you found the lyrics!! I

Wow you found the lyrics!! I am so excited to sing the songs soon. I love to sing. That is stirring me so. Also yesterday, when I was listening to the music and watching the movie again. I am really very glad, that you love this too! Thank you so much! Uta