Let Your Heart Be the Ocean

God said:

When you wake up in the morning, turn your heart to joy rather than duty. Better yet, make duty your joy. Let your responsibility for the world be your joy. It is not that you carry the world on your shoulders. Carry it in your heart where I AM. You can believe that I am not a burden. I am the Remover of Burden. I whisk it away. I turn every perceived heaviness into joy. I turn on the light, beloveds, and light is never heavy. I give you My joy. I give you My love. I give them to you to use and use well. I do not loan them to you. I give them to you.

Somehow you may have had the idea that you are duty-bound to lack joy, if not to suffer, to drag your feet around as though you were chained to a cement wall. Instead of dragging your feet, dance. Dance in your heart, and you will be light-footed.

Love is available. It is available at every turn. Would you not avail yourself of it? Would you not turn dross into gold? Would you not turn every situation around and make it joyful? If not for you, for someone?

Or let's put it this way: No longer remove joy from your heart. No longer twist joy into something else, anything else. Accept nothing less than joy into your heart. You have been careless. You have let woe in, as if it had a place in your heart. Your heart is meant to be tender, and not toughened up. Let your heart stay in its lovingness. No longer let anything intrude on the joy. Anything else that may enter your heart is an intruder. It does not belong in your heart. I belong in your heart. All that I AM belongs in your heart. Let there be room for nothing else. Fill your heart to overflowing.

Carry a sign in your heart that says: "I am full. Only love and joy may enter. I am the decider of my heart, and I accept gold. I accept no less. I, your heart, let everyone into the warmth of me, but anything less than love and joy have to stay outside. Of course, there is no place in me for anything but love and joy in the warmth of me."

And so reads the sign in your heart.

Another way to say it is that your heart is full of Me. Fill your heart with God. Fill your heart with the love of God, and all that enters your heart will be transformed. You will have eyes to see. You will have a heart that knows. Your heart will not do the bidding of every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Your heart will do My bidding, and My bidding is that you feature love and joy. What else would you want in your heart anyway?

Have an open-door policy in your heart. At the same time, shoes have to be left outside. All baggage has to be left outside, not checked but thrown away. All baggage thrown away, and then only joy and love exist to enter.

Let your heart be a streaming river. Let your heart be the Ocean that embraces all, washes all, and lifts all high in the timbre of its love. From the Ocean you came and to the Ocean you return. What else should you be doing but creating love and joy?

On your way to whatever you are up to, follow love and joy. Let them accompany you. Let them be your loyal companions. Let My love and joy follow you and greet you in your swim to the shores of Heaven.

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This is about creating

This is about creating Heaven on Earth by releasing all things except love and joy! How simple, how elegant and what a treasure. My heart can dance and be light...I get to choose...why at times, dear God is it so difficult to choose You? to allow the un-truths from the past dominate my thoughts and pierce my heart...my crucifixion is over! I throw off the shackles and I put on new clothes...well actually I put on a bathing suit so that I can run head long into the Ocean of Love awaiting me. I immerse myself in believing in Love and Joy and living in Love and Joy

Would you not turn every situation around and make it joyful?

Because I have believed for way too long in my human-ness and forgot my deep, deep Connection to You - we are One - there is no separateness.

God, let me be an instrument of your love, your joy and your peace. Let me find the joy in every situation and release my grip on feeling like a victim...let me release fear and doubt and worry and let me let in the Waves of Love and Joy which you GIVE to me

Thank You for this beautiful Heaven Letter and God Bless Everyone!

I have decided to have a New

I have decided to have a New Day's Resolution -- to release criticism and judgment from my heart and thoughts and to let an Ocean full of love and joy come flooding into my heart and wash away the hurts from the past.

I, too, want to sign your

I, too, want to sign your resolution, Marysunshine.

You are an ambassador of

You are an ambassador of God's Love.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said on your way
Whatever you are up to
Follow love and joy

God said fill your heart
Accept nothing less than joy
That embraces all

God said anyway
My love is available
For you to use well

Love, Light and Aloha!

From the Heart

Within my Heart is God's loving energy, that is what I came with, that is what I emanate, and that is what I will leave with...
Al Diaz

Hi Gloria,


The other day I was asked and I have accepted to do an interview on a national radio show in a few weeks. This all came about from hearing me on another radio show that I did a few weeks ago.

The host of the national show enjoyed and liked what I represented that she asked me in a later e-mail if I also knew others that have a "great personality and something of value to share with the world".

So I thought of you...

Are you interested on going on national radio?

Let me know, the producer would like to know by the end of the day today.

Ilumine Ao,

Dear Al, beautiful friend,

Dear Al, beautiful friend, what a lovely thing for you to do.

I can't say I have great personality, but I do have something of great value to share with the world.

I will keep you posted.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria