Deep in Your Heart

God said:

Deep in your heart is a well of love. It is your job to pull up the love and serve it to everyone. It is easy once you get the hang of it. Get the hang of it now.

You will create a fire brigade of love. The fire brigade you are part of will put out all fires. You will fill every home with the love from your heart. In unison with those you love, you will become an army of love. Can you feel the waves of your love now overtaking the land? How wonderful is this! Love surges through you and out into the world. This is what you are made for.

Your Beating Heart

God said:

No one is responsible for the condition of your heart but you. Whatever conditions there are in your life, whatever conditions you have been subject to, what you do with your heart is your choice. You are the one who opens or closes it. No one else has that privilege.

What other people do is their choice. They make choices that, when all is said and done, have nothing to do with you. You are not the crux of other's decisions, though often you think so. But why let your heart be wounded simply because others live their lives as they see fit?

The Radiant Sun of Your Heart

God said:

What can sadness be but a temporary illusion? A visitor in your heart only for a while. A sad stranger who wants to make a home for himself with you and doesn't know when to leave. Most assuredly, sadness overstays its welcome.

Of course, sadness must be some comfort to you, or why would you have it?

Greet Joy Generously

God said:

If joy is your nature, and your heart is heavy, then you can know that you are away from your nature. It is unnatural for you to be unhappy and anxious. That is why it is so uncomfortable for you. If anguish were a natural thing, it would not be so disturbing.

You can bless even your anguish, however. It is signaling you to return to your nature of love. It is yourself you are not loving. That must be the case or you would not punish yourself so. Perhaps you consider yourself unworthy of joy. Perhaps you consider yourself worthy of woe.

Go with Your Heart

God said:

When you feel an emptiness in your heart, do not despair. Your heart is making room for something more to enter, and this more is something wonderful.

As birds prepare nests, so does your heart prepare for the good that is to come.

Paramour of the Boxes

God said:

The physical will consume your life if you let it. You will have boxes and possessions everywhere. Your heart will be stored in the closet, taken out of circulation, put on a shelf with the boxes. Your heart will become paramour of the boxes and whatever is in them.

What Beauty Is

God said:

There is no need to puzzle over life. No need to investigate. No need to figure out how or why something happened. No need to discern and pronounce what did happen. Never mind the logical determinations. If you must discover, discover that which moves your heart to greater heights. Move into the arena of appreciation. Move into what is beautiful. Move into what touches your heart and not so much the logistics of your mind.

The Oasis in Your Heart

God said:

The more you free love and life to their own devices, the more love and vitality will be yours. Love is not a rope that lassoes what you want it to. Love casts its line, yet love must not be weighted down with an anchor. Sometimes your thoughts have been anchors. Tell Me, is it not true that you have wanted to thumbtack life to a bulletin board and make it stay and make it appear as you will for as long as you will?

But life is not pinnable. You can't nail it. You can't even glue it. You can only enjoy it.

Let Your Heart Be the Ocean

God said:

When you wake up in the morning, turn your heart to joy rather than duty. Better yet, make duty your joy. Let your responsibility for the world be your joy. It is not that you carry the world on your shoulders. Carry it in your heart where I AM. You can believe that I am not a burden. I am the Remover of Burden. I whisk it away. I turn every perceived heaviness into joy. I turn on the light, beloveds, and light is never heavy. I give you My joy. I give you My love. I give them to you to use and use well. I do not loan them to you. I give them to you.

Know God in Your Heart

God said:

You were raised to be independent. You were raised to do things yourself. You were raised to not need help. You were raised to deny your relationship with Me. You were raised to surmount life without Me. You were raised to be sovereign over your life while you let the ways of the world rule you. You were taught that all this was good.

My children, letting the world rule you is the same as forgetting Me. Letting the world set your pace is disenfranchisement from Me.

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