Knowers of Reality

God said:

Let go of the puzzles in life. They cannot be solved except by growth of consciousness. Seen from a higher angle, there are no puzzles. Seen from a higher angle, there are no questions. From a higher wider angle, all is seen in a new light where there is nothing to solve. Your consciousness is like the lens of a camera that you see through.

We could say that darkness is the only thing to be solved, and light is the only remedy. Darkness blurs, and light reveals. In light, everything is clear. And it is clear to you.

In light, you do not have to ask: What is that over there?

In light, you see.

What more is there to say?

What is hidden is uncovered.

You are already a Knower of Reality. You have hidden your awareness from yourself. Greater awareness may be buried, yet it is still within you and can be reached. Greater awareness is expansion. As your awareness expands, boundaries are automatically broken. They no longer exist. And some day, you will find that there are no borders at all. They were merely the poor eyesight of unexpanded awareness.

Love everything. Even love that which you do not love. Why not? Why not love irritation as well as pleasure? Why not turn irritation into pleasure? Isn't it delightful that there are so many differences in the world? Everyone sees the world as he sees it. Everyone acts in the world as they act. How many differences can there be in the world and still everyone be the same One? Everyone is the same, everyone is One, and everyone cries, "Different."

No two snowflakes are the same, and yet each is a snowflake.

No two leaves are the same.

No two cats are the same.

No two Human Beings are the same.

Infinite are the differences, and infinite and unbounded is the Oneness.

There is one looking-glass and many faces looking into it.

This is the dance of life.

There is nothing to look at but yourself. No matter whose eyes you peer into, it is your own eyes you see.

No matter how many differences, there is Oneness. No matter what, there is Oneness. No matter what.

At some point, you will have more belief in yourself. You will allow yourself to see what has always been here to see, and that is your brilliance so bright that you see and love and understand and accept everything. You do not even ask to understand. You ask to love. You don't even ask to love. You just love because there is simply nothing else to do.

When you see a flower, what else is there to say but "Flower"?

When you see light, what else is there to say but "Light"?

And when you see that you are love, what else is there to say but "Love"?

Point to yourself and say, "Love". Point to everything that surrounds you and say, "Love". Point in your mind to every person you think of, and whisper, "Love". Then point to yourself again, and say, "Love". Point to the sky and point to the Earth, and say "Love".

Butter is butter whether it is frozen or melted. Your heart is your heart, frozen or melted. Yet how much happier your heart is when it is warmed and knows it need never be cold again. In fact, your warm heart warms all other hearts, and hearts melt as One.

I warm My hands in your heart.

Solace the world with love even when you hold fear and doubt. Love even your fear and doubt because they have no life of their own. Love melts fear and doubt, and nothing is left of them, and love alone is.

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Beautiful writing, I was

Beautiful writing, I was listening to a beautiful peice of music while reading this and contemplating my own realisation of this great perfection. How lucky we are to be alive. Thank you, with love, blessings and peace.

Yes, dear Satchitananda, how

Yes, dear Satchitananda, how lucky we are to be alive.

And to know it!

Thank you, with love, blessings and peace,


Beautiful, indeed. :)

Beautiful, indeed. :)

Oh my goodness, how

Oh my goodness, how beautiful!

Thank you that you have discovered for us all this hidden treasure...

Absolutely great!