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Keys to Godwriting, community, and Q's for Gloria

With regard to any keys to Godwriting, I think that there needs to be a certain readiness, or receptivity to the concept of Godwriting and the willingness to try it. Looking back over my experiences of the past 59 years, I would have to say that regular meditation has created a fertile ground for Godwriting. Another key is in creating a space with loving people who accept us as we are and who encourage us to be honest with ourselves. When we are really honest with ourselves, then we are more open to hear what God has to say to us. The ultimate key to everything is love, and love naturally grows when we hear repeatedly from God how much he loves each and every one of us.

One thing that stood out for me at the workshop was the quality of community feeling that was generated during the two sessions. It was easy to relate to each other based on the Godwriting that was shared and the common experiences. So many of the shared experiences applied to everyone in the group. The workshop was wonderful as it was. If I were to do anything differently, I might try having more time for Godwriting alternated with sharing and talking about our experiences of Godwriting.

After one week of Godwriting, I feel a greater integration within myself, and it is easier to express myself in general. It feels natural to me to experience God in the context of my religion, and therefore I have a tendency to also relate Godwriting to my religion. Although anyone can Godwrite without associating it with religion, for me it is just so natural and makes the experience of Godwriting fuller and richer. Conversely, Godwriting also makes the experience of my religion fuller and richer as well. For me, the two are mutually reinforcing.

In the first session of the Godwriting workshop, Gloria, you said something about how the most difficult part of the workshop for you was publicity. Do you remember what God said about that?

Have you thought about doing any online workshops? Maybe webinars or teleconferences?

What you write is very

What you write is very beautiful, Sylvia. And all your points are well-taken.

Yes, how to have more time in the first session for more Godwriting, sharing our Godwriting, and telling about our experiences. I just don't know how to get it in within the time frame we have. Any ideas?

I had to look up what God said to me about promoting. Doing the workshop is pure joy. Getting the people is not always easy, and I feel some strain with that.

This was what I wrote in some of the Godwriting I did during our workshop.

Gloria to God:

At every workshop, I want to be doing workshops all the time. But getting people to come seems to be effort. The doing is so sweet, but the promoting is uphill for me.

God: Stop the promoting, and just do the doing. And don't let Me hear that it is hard in Fairfield. When you are easy, all else will be easy.

God is so right, beloved Sylvia, yet how do I get people to come unless I make it known.

Right now, for the next one, I do know of three great people who really want a workshop and couldn't make it to this one. Maybe that is the basis I am to go on.

I don't know what a webinar is!

Heaven Admin and I plan to work on an online workshop. Much of what is in the Godwriting book I am presently trying to put together will contribute to the online workshop. That's how I see it anyway.

Thank you so much for posting all this, dear Sylvia. Looking forward to more from all the brilliant new Godwriters.

Loving you,


promoting workshops

Webinar is short for web-based seminar. It can be interactive in the form of a workshop or seminar conducted over the web. It sounds like you and Heaven Admin are already thinking in this direction. Online learning is very popular these days. It is an exciting area to explore!

Do you have any dates for the next workshop? We could put out a tweet to other writers' groups. What do you think?


I like how you are thinking,

I like how you are thinking, beloved Sylvia. Once we can coordinate the three people who want a Come Play with Me Godwriting workshop, then I'll have a date to give you.

God bless you, angel.