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Beloved Shanthi, I am so

Beloved Shanthi,

I am so sorry, we haven't. Of course, we would love to. It takes the means, dear Shanthi, or, at your request, I would say Yes right now, and we would certainly be there to meet you and other Heavenreaders and be present at this workshop as you start Godwriting.

This year the focus is on getting it together to go across the U.S. and then down into Central and Latin America in a motor home and giving Come Play with Me Godwriting workshops. At the end of this Oneness Tour, I will be living in Capilla del Monte, Argentina, where Heaven Admin will be building a spiritual center.

One never knows where life will take us, so my answer could be that another trip to Europe has not been planned, but who knows what will happen. Godwriting itself wasn't planned etc. and now look!

Loving you, Gloria

Dear Gloria,

It's sure, it would be a great joy to meet you, perhaps one day !

I'm writing all the mornings too , I like that, some thoughts come from the depth of my mind and it is amazing after to read what I have put in the paper... and I feel well doing it.

Loving you


One of these days, we will

One of these days, we will be having an online workshop and a book.

Do the magnificent words come from the depths of your mind or your heart!

God bless you.