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Wonderful "Come Play with Me" Godwriting Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa, Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Godwriters enjoy their Godwriting
Godwriter group photo

Below --From left to right in back: Sylvia Richards, Laura Weinberg, Ginger Nelson, Chamaigne Montana,
Charles Fines

In front: Gloria
Godwriter group photo

Here is the Godwriting I received while everyone at the workshop was doing their first Godwriting:

Gloria to God:

What a group, God. Every workshop is breath-taking. This workshop, from the spiritual journeys on was deep and honest, as if we were already talking to You where only honesty can be. What a freeing thing it is to be honest. God, what would You like to say about this amazing Godwriting group?

God said:

I want to say Amen.

From a forest comes a serene glade where a handful of chosen sit in their simplicity and allow their love to flow.

There is no accident that the people who are are here are opening themselves to Me and each other just the way the Senor [Heaven Admin] offers his heart and food. He offered himself. He offered Myself.

Now that everyone here is Godwriting, peace is descending. You who are here are worth thousands of peace pipes. You are worth galaxies and golden suns and treasures not yet discovered. You are worthy of all the love in the world.

What is love anyway? Who can put a finger on it, and yet there is great love in this room. I am here, and you are here -- what else can We ask for?

You are the music of My soul. You are My orchestra playing. You are My symphony of love. I play you, and you play Me. Our hearts engage like kites flying higher and higher into the sky.

You are My dream come true. You are My dream children. You are all I could ask for.

From now on, each one here is going to be lighter of heart, do you believe Me?

You will know that life is for you to gain joy and to give joy.

Tell Charles that he is My divine son, and he will fulfill his mission. No need to even know what it is. Tell him he is already fulfilling it. He has nothing to be concerned about. He has deep pleasure to give.

Tell Dianita (absent from photo) to know she has My peace, and I love her.

Tell Ginger she is my sweetie-pie. She is My delight.

Tell Laura that I have worn her on My heart for a long time. She has been My beautiful necklace.

Ah, Chamaigne, you have been my angel from the beginning. The beginning of what? The beginning of all. She is the fruit of My vine.

Sylvia, Sylvia -- you are My fortune on Earth. There is you and I, blessed Sylvia of the fields. You are the wheat that grows and the lily of the field. Tell her she does not have to be exact. She doesn't have to know. The less she knows, the more she will do. Tell her she has no decisions to make. She has only to serve.

Tell Santhan to continue as he is. He is the steward of My heart. Gloria, as you are to space, he is to time.

And, as for you, Gloria, never mind how you err. Just be. Take time for Gloria and please Me.

Love you all,

God of All Good

Godwriting Workshop Saturday

Yes, the workshop was good, indeed.

Gloria you have such a good way, such a kind heart, always endearing everyone to you and to God.

It was so good to be with you on the Godwriting™ workshop, was so nice in the comfort of your charming home.

Very happy to meet Senor too, your Divine friend Santhan. Love the way he helped with quotes, bringing out points, etc, various ways with the workshop. Also, his hosting with you was superb! The refreshments were wonderful. Oh, those home baked cookies were simply the best! The hot chipas freshly made, were scrumptious too! Your silver pie server worked just great serving them up too. At first I wasn't sure if the silver could take the heat, happy it was just fine.

Enjoyed the lovely group of people who came and the special healing treat of the singing bowls by Barbara Hovey. That was a very nice touch too.

The enlightening quotes that we all read seemed to help prime the pump for Godwriting and the long wait had some of us champing at the bit to finally write. :-)

Thank you, Gloria and

Thank you, Gloria and Santhan, for all you did. I certainly would do it all over again given the choice and I expect I will be even more grateful for the opportunity as the rest of my life unrolls.

Blessings to you Charles

Hi Charles,

I'm so glad you were with us at the workshop! You added a lot to the group experience. My heart wants many blessings for you, and the clear, direct connection with God that we all are seeking to experience more fully.


Hi Chamaigne~ So glad to

Hi Chamaigne~

So glad to meet you and everyone else. Fairfield is a hidden treasure, who wudda thunk?

Thank you for the workshop!

I had a fabulous time at the workshop. Very very soul nourishing. Thank you so much, Gloria and Santhan.

The food was delicious,
The writing nutritious,
and all of us meeting together auspicious!


I loved your poem! The only

I loved your poem!

The only other words I could think of that rhymed with delicious, nutritious, and auspicious were fictitious and malicious -- for sure they don't work! Oh, I just thought of ambitious!

Godwriting Workshop Forum

Santhan did a great job with the photos, forum and all.
Yes, a very good group, am very thankful to be in it. Thank you dear Gloria!
Blessed with another session on Saturday, yes looking forward to it too.

Godwriting workshop

Thank you to all who arranged their schedules and took the time to attend the workshop last Saturday. A special thank you to Charles who drove all the way from Michigan--and back again--in the midst of very challenging driving conditions. The workshop has opened up channels of communication within and among us. We were destined to be together--in community--sharing with and caring for one another. Community is powerful and transforming when love flows freely. Thank you to Gloria and Santhan for their free flow of love to all that makes us feel at home! I look forward to the next session.
Love to all, Sylvia