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Come Play with Me Godwriting Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa this Saturday!

Know the Heart of God -- Discover God's Words Personally Meant for You

“Take a moment now to feel My love. It is in you and around you. It is of you. It is your loveness meeting My loveness. We become a string that twangs in the joy of its One Self...”
Heaven Sutra # 211 - Supreme Oneness of Love

Saturday, February 20 and Saturday, February 27 12:30 P.M. to 5 P.M.
1 Workshop 2 Consecutive Sessions. Both Sessions Required for Good Journey

Workshop led by Gloria Wendroff and Santhan Naidoo -- This is your chance to meet Santhan, Great Soul and traveler.

This workshop has been given in Athens, Bucharest, Dead Sea, Istanbul, London, Munich, and Turin, and many states in the U.S. including Yogananda’s Shrine in California, The Conversation with God Center in Oregon, and the Unity Church in Phoenix etc. and in many libraries and living-rooms all over the U.S.

For those coming in from other states, we will schedule the second session on Sunday, February 21.

703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, Iowa. Come to front door on Burlington. Please park at high school or on Maple Street.

Adults $135. Married Couples $185 Full-time Students and Seniors over 65 $85.

Paypal Account-- contributions [at] heavenletters [dot] org

Or mail check to Gloria Wendroff 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA. 52556

For more information, go to or email Gloria gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org

Registration Form:

Graduate Godwriters, if you have already taken a Godwriting workshop, you are also invited to come.

Come by donation, or come as our guest – we just want you to come! Bring your notebook. Please RSVP so we are sure to have plenty of refreshments – and chairs. Email Gloria gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org.

“I am in love with my new Godwriting practice!! I can’t wait to get up every morning now and see what God has in store! I just LOVE the way it makes me FEEL!! To be able to experience moments like this -- this is what I want for all of humanity! God Bless you Gloria, for moving us forward on this path, for helping us connect to Heaven…Good T’ai Chi, Gloria, very good T’ai Chi!!!”
Ginny Cardenas, Tai Chi Instructor, Nevada