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Godwriters meeting at Pitta's

Hallo dear souls!
Yesterday, despite the snow and the very low temperatures here in Italy, I had the opportunity and the good luck to attend a pre Christmas meeting of the members of the Turin GW workshop, at Pitta's. Besides me came Berit, Antonietta, Pieranna, Emilia and Grazia with their daughters, sons and pets. Pitta like a wonderful fairy set up all with all the love she's able to give: it's been all perfect! Food was delicious and the company uplifting. We spent some hours talking, eating (of course) and sharing our views on spiritual matters. At half past noon arrived Santa Claus with an unexpected gift: Gloria from the States (it was 4 a.m. over there) called us via Skype. Gloria you dont' miss an occasion to spread your warm love to all the members of this community. Thanks a lot! While chatting with Gloria, we tried in vain to wake up our beloved Heaven Admin via skype :) for a salute.... it will be for the next time. I'd like to end this post thanking very much Pitta and all the partecipants for the joy you gifted me and for the wonderful time spent togheter. Hopefully we'll organize a new meeting in a couple of months,maybe with more persons and a higher temperature :).
Merry Christmas to all of you!

some of the partecipants155.41 KB

I'm going to write a blog

I'm going to write a blog this morning about this beautiful event!

Thank you all for meeting, and to Pitta for offering her place and her wonderful food, and you, Andrea, for letting me know about it.

What a great thing, Godwriters' meeting together. What a blessing to the world.

WOW. Great people. It was a

WOW. Great people. It was a fantastic day, all togheter. These are the things I love over all.
Thanks to all.

Dearest Pitta, again and

Dearest Pitta, again and again thank you !!!!!!!!!
I still want to subscribe to special cooking workshop with you so that you can teach me to cook the delicious dishes we had yesterday !
I am so happy, it was sooooooo beautiful being together, I love you all !! Emilia, thanks again for coming, you had to travel several hours by train and with the snow and the Christmas caos going on it is not easy.
Gloria, how I loved chatting with you !!! such a lovely Christmas gift ! it is fantastic how we can connect by the web being geographically far away!
I hope we can soon meet all again. A wonderful Christmas to all !!
Infinite love and extra big hugs to all.

It was my pleasure, dear

It was my pleasure, dear Berit. You are right, the food was delicious and everything else too. The frozen landscape was fascinating, made of crystal trees. Most grateful to all of you and a special mention for Pitta.