Joy Is Better Than Grief

God said:

What am I to do with you, and what are you to do with Me?

I think We have something to do with each other. I think We are in a Vast Partnership. I think We grew up together and made a pact to love each other no matter what. And even as We signed Our pact, We knew that there was no matter, and that all that existed was Our love, Our love that coursed through Eternity and right back to Our hearts. And so Our hearts surrounded the world, and We surrendered to love in humility and gratitude.

So, what is there to think about but Our love as it whirls and swirls through Eternity and never finishes? In fact, Our love never began. It always was. There never was a beginning and there can be no end. All that can be is Our love, Our love that is all-encompassing.

How blessed We are with each other. How perfect. How unassailable is Our love, although there are those who would assail it. Maybe even you. Maybe even you have assailed Our love, questioned its merit, doubted its existence. You have a tendency to have your mind made up about precluded conditions for love and you fear, even conclude, that I do not live up to your presumptive conclusions.

Sometimes you even doubt My intentions. In your bracelet of thought, it was okay for Me to create life, yet I had no right to create death of the body or to even create many of the paths along life, like meeting and parting, like love gained and love lost, like getting a job and losing it, like anything at all that justifies your plaints against life as it is. What do you think you are going to change, My beloveds? Your protests will not undo life nor will your protests undo death as you perceive it.

You see, your mind has made a small circle, like a bracelet too small to fit any wrist.

What you must do is string beads of thought that leap from one bead to another. Make a bracelet or a necklace that fits around all of Creation. Take not away even one bead from Creation. Life is not always or even often what you declare it ought to be, and, yet, it is life circular and spectacular. There is nothing like it. What can compare to life? It is perfectly life, and life is your golden opportunity.

Do not swindle yourself. Make hay while the sun shines. Drink the nectars of life. Come to this party. Come with your whole heart. You are already here, so you might as well join in. Open the keg of life and celebrate. Let’s celebrate life rather than bemoan it. Get off that track. Come to the party to enjoy and to spread joy to others.

Become a party-goer. In fact, throw parties. Invite all to this party of life.

Enjoy now. Do not delay joy. Anything that delays joy in life is there for you to step over, not to stop you. Death of a loved one is not to stop you. You owe your loved one to keep on living the life that I gave you. There is no excuse for you to abandon joy. Of course, I understand the human dilemmas, yet they are of your making. Even though you have inherited them, they are of your own making. Joy is better than grief. Anyone knows that. Do your grieving, and then catch the bus of joy again. Life is precious. Let joy be its motto. Love carries joy with it. If you did not have the concept of loss, joy would be your constant companion.

Wipe your tears. Be joyful now.

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Thank you

Thank you, Dear Lord.

Please allow us to lose ourself in joy, in You and learn that nothing is a loss (all loss is a figment of our imagination). Everything IS. Joy IS. My prayer us all and it is to lose and find ourself in You, within Your heart and within joy - not alone but with all of Creation.

Wlth love

Beautiful, beautiful.

Beautiful, beautiful.