Whichever Road You Choose

God said:

When you feel conflict, when the rumblings of doubt start to reach you, take a time out. Life is not so much right or wrong as you tend to think. That you take one road or the other is not so crucial as you believe. There are many good roads. You are not at an impasse. You can choose.

What you believe is not such a crucial matter either.

There is Oneness, and, yet, in the world, you do not have to be of one mind. You prefer one movie, and your friend prefers another. And you both are Mine. You are Mine, and you are also yours.

There are many choices before you. You are looking for all good. You are looking for good as if there is a finality to good.

When you have two good choices, you can’t go wrong!

If you have two worthwhile job offers, and you are looking for a job, you have to take one or the other. I don’t know that weighing all attributes gives you your answer. A good answer is to take one or the other. Follow your heart over attributes.

Perhaps you favor one job over the other, but the other pays better. There are many factors. How do you know the temperature of the water until you dip your toe in? Who can count all the factors and know beforehand what will work best? Does ego enter? Probably. Possibly. Possibly ego tells you to take the job with higher pay. Possibly ego tells you that you are better to take the job that you like better. Ego is a tremendous operative in your life. You do not always know what is ego and what is not. Maybe both choices are ego. But why complicate it? Make a choice. You succeed when you make a choice. When a choice is before you, you have a choice. You can abstain, but not forever.

How grand it would be if you could have the idea that there are no mistakes. Even if you should choose the higher-paid job and regret it, how can you say it is a mistake? Even if you should choose the job your heart is drawn to, you could regret. How can you say it is a mistake to make a choice? Beloveds, your life is not to be lived on the operative of regret.

Living your life by fear of regret is like watching out for terrorists. It is better to watch out for the good guys.

In terms of choices, sometimes you may have two not so good choices. You may find you are faced with a job you don’t want or no job. No one can make these choices for you. Be happy when you make your choice.

Be happy when you are free from the alternative of two wrong choices. Some people are faced with the choice of which bank to steal from. How fortunate are you to have amiable choices before you.

Some people feel at the brink of choosing one religion or another or no religion. I AM. Regardless of your affiliation, I AM. I am a God of Everywhere. I am not an isolate God.

In one sense, you can only choose Me. There are not variant Gods to choose from whatever the world may say.

Where your heart leans can change. Meanwhile, you make a choice.

Do not concern yourself with making a choice that aligns only with My Will. Do you know what is My Will? My Will is, when you must make a decision, that you make it. When there is a crossroad to pass, pass it. I will be down whichever road you choose.

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thanking you

THank you dear Lord.

TO have YOur support is enough to inspire us to continue to persevere with Your painted dreams.

WIth love xo




That is so profound -- to

That is so profound -- to let our heart make up our mind. This is what God says in one way or another time and time again.

Hmm, so you have a cure from going crazy! It's kind of like homeopathic medicine.

I love your site by the way. Humor and seriousness. Wonderful.

My heart said I should share

Thanks Bernie, haha..

..both are excellent quotes.

God's perfect will? Boy, do I want it!

We feel God's perfect will as we experience the desire to help those around us.
We feel God's perfect will as we experience loving in all its many forms.
The Good Book says the He both will and works in us for His pleasure.
That's why "Joy comes in the morning." Heaven Letters show you how this happens.


This is so true and

This is so true and encouraging. I have certainly found no matter which road I take, even if I knock the bumper off my car or get bogged in a mud hole, God never says "I told you so." He is only concerned with Right Now and that I know He is my constant friend and companion.