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It's Good By Me


Sometimes it's
Perfectly ok
Thoroughly recommended, in fact
To, ahhhhh
Take that nap
Or two
When you can
If it's the plan
So, then
If you so choose
Put up your feet
Again and again
Feel free
Kick back
No rules, it's all cool
To leave the world behind
It's fine
It'll still be there when you get up
There's plenty of time for love
Or to get in those lines
You're right on cue
'Cause life can so often feel so tough
It's quite alright
To wrap yourself in that blanket
And lose yourself in a book
To sip on that tea, carefree
While listeneing to that cd
Or even watch the tv
Then fall asleep
It's ok to not always be doing something
There's always to be the next something to come
Yet for now we're unconcerned with worldly scrums
So snuggle
Get comfy
Whether with someone or "alone"
Sit on your bum
It's good by Me
Live it up
Enjoy your time
Even take out the clock's batteries if your tired of "tick-tock"
In any way
Quiet time
Is a very productive spot
To Be
To get to Know Me
And therefore to get to Know You
But if it's just that snooze you feel into
Well, then
That's good to go too
So most definately, rest easy
Breathe freely
As it is with this life's dream
While your asleep, I'll more than certainly
Be right there with You

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Sweetest Mike, I really

Sweetest Mike,

I really love this, it makes me feel sooooooo gooooooood !!

Love this here so much:

While your asleep, I'll more than certainly
Be right there with You

Much Love and Gratitude

this is an example for me

:blushing: this is an example for me to ride the wind, to let it keeping it light and new, i almost doubted this afterwards thinking perhaps it uhh to silly and not filled enough with some spiritual truth...yet this is a testament for me to follow that intuition even after the initial starting point of go and to not get stuck, not to box myself or anyone in, including God...but to color, write and live outside of the lines...i'm i'm grateful to God for His/Her Gifts, thanks so much to you for the replies...mike:)

...but it is filled with

...but it is filled with Spiritual truth BM!

It's not silly at all. It is pure and simple truth.
The truth is not complicated, it is 'just Love'
To give love, to be love, to share love,
and to follow ones feelings and do, or just be, whatever brings you joy in each moment!

Lots of Love and hugs to you Brother ~ breathe deeply and easily,and fly freeeeeeeeeeee!

Luv ya!



Brilliant Mike ~ love

Brilliant Mike ~ love it!
...and I most certainly agree with,
and already participate,
in most of it!