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All There Is IS Love


Just as the truth that all are perfectly free
Doesn't justify or make right
Not living in line
With peace's inner light
It's the appropriate time
To forgive
To release judgment's fight
To see with innocent eyes
To live
From the Heart of Love
Not only in faith or belief
But because
In alignment with Cause
Loving isn't merely or really an assignment to fulfill
But Life, Fulfilled
Overflowing from Natural Will
It's so true indeed
All there is Is Love
That perhaps forgets at times, in time
Yet that has it's destiny in remembering
This, Our, unending sublime

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Oh Mike, indeed all there

Oh Mike,

indeed all there is, IS LOVE !! Thanks so very much for all your Love Showers !

Love and a big hug to you

Yes indeed BM!!! "All there

Yes indeed BM!!!

"All there is Is Love"

Good title for a song eh! ;)