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The Decider


Long before any human deciders
Decided from limitation's say
There Was Me
And My unlimited Way

Long after the world's dividers
Feeling divided, try to separate
There Will Be You
And Your inseparable Way

Right Now, My Daughters and Sons
In this very day
There Is each and everyOne
And Our heavenly Way

Being Love
My "Decision" in this
Stays Final
Remains, without need of a trial

For, forever Real
The real deal of My
I Am That I Am
Created, Creates

In Spirit so open
It's Creations are perfectly embraced
In Health so wealthy
It's Self is, so to speak, sealed

Anything outside of Meaning is impossible
And Healed

In this Love of Mine
Encompassing all lives and times

So where does this leave correction of "sins," one might say?
What of those that have wronged to this day?
Won't they pay?
Well, to quote a saying

"Let s/he among you who hasn't 'wronged', cast the first stone"
For none have acted alone
In a vacuum
As all negativity has been equally known

Already Paid, if you will
Simply stated, I require no payment
With Ease, I effortlessly share
Continually, with All as Heirs of My Will

No one is compared
Breathing in this fresh air

I want you all to better
And then, to the Highest
In Love

And not through fear
Which is why all men act out of accord
Thinking Peace isn't Afforded
But a thing to afford

Be present
My Dears
Be Here

Treat each other in Joy
And not as a ploy
For not even a one of you
Is under, nor need gain of, my employ

So if this is true
Which it Is
You can relax
And take off that tax

On your Brothers
And Sisters
And Friends
And "sin"

My Kids
O Compassionate Ones of My Heart
Alive, As Love from the Start
Beyond any constrictive, limiting parts

Dare to care, Share
Of Our inviolate Self, Sow
Be above
By Knowing no below

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Wonderful BM! Yes... Dare to

Wonderful BM!

Dare to care
and share
Peace and Love
dispel all fear


TY, SM..."let there be peace

TY, SM..."let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me"....let us live as free, by loving in trust as does S/He :big