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Come to where all fences end
Come to where love meets the open
Come to where freedom is looking out for you
And will be free even of your freedom
Come to where you can never be
Come to Me

Jochen, another inspired

Jochen, another inspired poet, I love it!

This gives me an opportunity to express how much I enjoy your presence around here!


I love it that you love it,

I love it that you love it, Xenia. But picture me as waving both hands rapidly, going "Nonono, I'm not a poet and I know it." This was not intended to be a poem at all (but you may still like it, of course). What happened was a sudden flash of insight that left a taste of this freedom, a taste I will always recognize whenever and if ever it comes again. And from that taste the words just flowed. When I had written them down I thought that someone might like them, so I posted them

Enjoying you too,

this reminds me of all those

this reminds me of all those things that for me are freeing...walking in the park or on the beach or on the street...without a care in the world...or then, if there are the allow myself to feel the air that it may share it's freedom, reminding of greatness of Being...simplicity is the profound, true depth of experience and the best teacher around...the sound of a cat purring, feeling it nuzzling, the wag of a dog's happy tail, a child's laugh and smile, the remembrance were at peace all the while...all this and more your creative writing does bring a wave unfolding it's love upon the grateful shore...thanks a much...michael:)

Beautiful Jochen ~ thank you

Beautiful Jochen ~ thank you for sharing it!

...and doesn't freedom taste so wonderfully freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing

Love Mary


Dearest Jochen, I really

Dearest Jochen,

I really like this !! So beautiful that you share this special moment with us, many many thanks.

Much love dear Angel, for all you do and share !!!