It Is All an Idea

God said:

When you have the sense that you are overdoing, no one makes you. No situation makes you. If you are doing too much, stretching yourself too thin, overextending yourself, no one and no situation makes you. You are under your own steam. You are not imprisoned nor do you have to be under someone else’s will.

By and large, no one is overdoing. For the most part, My children who feel they are doing too much are living with the idea that they are doing too much. The idea alone is enough to stretch you beyond your limits. It is all an idea.

There is no too much except as the idea says that there is. The idea has you in its grips. Somehow you gleaned the idea that you are doing more than you can do. That idea has taken hold. And life becomes too much for you. The idea is enough to do you in. Ideas can be expansive. Ideas can also constrict, squeeze, hamper, disengage, and make themselves come true. Sometimes no ideas are best.

Remember the true story of a tiny woman who was able to lift a car off her child? She never would have attempted it except to save her child’s life. On an ordinary day, she wouldn’t have had the incentive. In addition, she would have convinced herself beforehand that it was impossible for her to lift a car. That day she did lift the car, she had an incentive. And what was her incentive on that day? It was love.

If she had tried to lift the car in order to win a million dollars, her love for a million dollars would not have given her the strength. It must be, then, that love of money is not love. Or it is a watered-down love. Love of a child is another story. You can be sure the mother wasn’t thinking: “Am I strong enough?” There was no thought between the need, her impulse, and the deed.

When you have the sense from day to day that you are overdoing, you may have to slow down, not because you are overdoing, but because your mind told you so. Your mind may have told you that you are giving more than you are getting, that you are wearing yourself out for nothing because you are not seeing the appreciation in whatever form you require it.

The child saved by the mother did not have to repay the mother with even a word. That the child lived was all the reward the mother wanted. That the child could breathe, the mother could breathe, and her heart could be so grateful.

If you find yourself even slightly overworked and overwrought, it is likely that your mind has told you that you are not fully appreciated, and you have chosen to go by that idea. You have chosen to be an under-appreciated overworked martyr.

Perhaps you cannot bring yourself to say no. Perhaps you have another idea in your mind, the idea that you must be all wonderful, that you must be everything to everyone. Unless you believed that, you would be able to say no when warranted without blinking an eye.

The same mother who lifted the car to save her child’s life would not give her child every toy car the child reached out for. If she did, she would be placating her own image, the idea that she is a perfect all-loving mother.

Many people have to learn to say Yes, and many other people have to learn to say No. And many have to learn when to say Yes and when to say No.

If you are too stretched, you have chosen the stretching. You are responsible. No one but you.

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Dear Father-Mother of LIghts and God of Purest Intent,

It is Your Absolute Pure intent that allows us to do things far beyond what we think we're capable. . Only in Heaven does such Absolute
Purity of Intent exist. I could be mistaken about that statement, but I just have the feeling that that's true. Yet, because Your Mighty
Loving Heart created our hearts, then we are capable of doing miraculous things!! Your Kingdom of Heaven does live within us.

I think of that often and I am stunned by it. You, our God, are limitless and so you created us capable of unltd. things.

all the reward

Very good, very good, nothing is so except as I think and say it is. Help me remember this, will You? The anarchist in my heart absolutely loves this, but there are other people inside who keep telling me that certain things are so, basta. Dear God, I have believed them! I still do! To whom do I apologize for that? I can't wait to break all those old allegiances to small, square thinking.

Hm, there are two options now. Write much more or stop. I think I'll stop.

But really, You don't have to make my plight sound quite so laughable: You have chosen to be an under-appreciated overworked martyr.

Beloved Jochen, I believe

Beloved Jochen, I believe God was referring to me!

I know He sometimes does,

I know He sometimes does, but who am I but you?




this is a one of the

this is a one of the questions asked to determine if someone has an immune competent personality

when you are asked to do a favor you do not want to do by a friend or family how do you respond? correct answer is to say no

nurses in particular have a problem with saying no to others and instead we are saying no to ourselves

This is really beautiful

This is really beautiful what you write, dear Bernie. When I don't say no to a request, I am saying no to myself. This is powerful.

I have a hard time with this especially when someone has done a lot for me. I would like to do for them. Recently I have had two people ask me to take care of their dogs for a few days. I love dogs, and I love these people, and I am grateful to them. If I still lived in the house which had a big fenced yard, I could do it. I don't mean that I would leave the dogs out in the yard, but, if I were Godwriting, for instance, and they had to go out, I could let them out until I finished Godwriting. But now I live in an apartment.

I don't think I want to find out that I have an immune competent personality, but I am going to go to your site and find out right away!

Thanks for everything, dear friend.

P.S. I might use your three questions on your site for a blog entry, okay?

P.P.S. Does everyone know all that Bernie has done for Heavenletters?

thank you Bernie ! much

thank you Bernie !
much love

For the most part, My

For the most part, My children who feel they are doing too much are living with the idea that they are doing too much. The idea alone is enough to stretch you beyond your limits. It is all an idea.
If you are too stretched, you have chosen the stretching. You are responsible. No one but you.

Now isn't that amazing and interesting and didn't we already knew it ?
thank you for this gem dearest Father.
much love

Amazing, it is all an idea

Thank you, Dear God and Gloria for writing this Heaven letter. Thank you, dear brothers and sisters for sharing your comments because they have answered so many questions. By allowing ourself to let go of the illusion that we are doing too much we are creating more space to do more. For time is infinite in reality and with the power of intention, we are able to be the gate keepers of Time. Dear God, it is so true, we tend to make more space for doing things that gain praise or appreciation from others and tend to neglect doing things which truly bring us joy. Expectations fill our agenda and we abandon those things we desire to do. When I look back onto your Lovely Heaven Letter, Dear Lord, I can't help but feel guilty. Guilty because I can see that people close to my heart feel this way. Worn out and tired of all they feel they have to do. And I feel guilty because i wish i could express my appreciation better. So on the flip side of this situation (the one who is the receiver of the Yes responses) i have learnt it is in my capacity to ask less, listen more and appreciate greater.I too wish to write more, but would write too much to make any sense at all.

Thank you dear Father and Dear Gloria. May we all learn to be the gate keepers of time and moderate the bequests we are presented with. Please give us the strength to give appreciation to others too, so they feel the love they gift us with via the heavenly actions they perform for us.

Love and light

Yes is to One who Loves. No is away from love.

The mother who says No to her child wanting more candy is saying yes to Life.
Both our yes and no must proceed from a heart imprinted with responsibility and love.


because your mind told you so

But what about that tiny woman lifting a car? How did she do it?

How is she connected to my overworked and overwrought state?

And if It is all an idea, what does her superhuman physical strength have to do with ideas or their absence?

As far as I understand it, this Heavenletter is saying that nothing is impossible for love – lifting cars, moving mountains. It also seems to be saying that what can hamper or dilute and thus incapacitate love, or get in its way, are ideas.

How many examples do I have in my own life of love doing the impossible? I tend to answer none but it's probably wiser to say that I don't know. Anyway, where love is flowing freely, yes or no is never a question, nothing is ever a question, everything happening or being done is spontaneous action irresistibly flowing from a source deeper than mind and ideas. Ideas are the only blocking power there is. There is no such thing as the forbidding weight of a car; or of a workload.

And why is love unable to win a million? It isn't. Only, love doesn't desire a million. A million is usually a concept laden high with ideas, no, consisting of ideas. Let's face it, unlike ideas, love is spontaneous – literally "of its own accord" – and in the spontaneousness of love lies its very power to lift cars. Love is unpremeditated and all-powerful or it is debilitated by ideas, even the idea that "I am loving." Try lifting a car while thinking that thought.

Ideas, it seems, are not "of their own accord" in most cases. They are echoes of fear and its cohorts. But are ideas by nature contrary to love and spontaneity? I don't think so. Only ideas of the "difficult or impossible" class are. Yet right now, if I allow myself to feel the full intensity of "difficult or impossible", it is quite obvious that love is its immediate neighbor. Love is the immediate neighbor of everything. Life, like lifting a car off your child, is probably not difficult at all.

Jochen , beautiful Jochen: "Don't look here and don't look there

Jochen, the Kingdom, the King, and all else is IN YOU. It's an inside job from the Beginning. You show us how we think. You are the little lady. But then you are me too.


Oh Gosh, Rambling thoughts (my humbles apologies in advance)

Dear Loved Ones,

As we count all the things we have to do, we generate anxiety, concern, fear and doubt within ourself. It's like we see our life flash before us and replay all those times when we perceive we haven't succeeded juggling multiple things at the one time. How do over come this feeling (or idea) that we have taken on too much?). Perhaps by adding a zest of passion and love when we think about all the things we have to do. Loving what we do in itself is more than three quarters of the journey travelled.

Gosh, this sounds so easy yet it is so difficult especially if we feel there is no appreciation. Perhaps if we slowly learn, Dear Lord, that you are watching and appreciating all we do even if we aren't aware of this. if we can learn that the soul within us feels satisfied with all we do, then it matters less if we earn the praise of others. (this, too, is easier said than done).

But if we practice nurturing ourself and accept the happiness may (or may not) our actions bring to others as the ultimate reward then it may be able to help us along this journey to do all we can even if we think we don't have the strength, time or capacity. perhaps it is all about courage and fear.

By creating the idea that we have too much on our plate, we are limiting ourself probably out of fear that we potentially can't finish everything. That thought itself can act as a self-handicapping our true potential. Superhuman, are You. You have the capacity to relinquish all self-limiting beliefs by realising that nothing is impossible.

God, you have been very kind to us and gifted us with the same potential to shine as the stars in the night sky. Dear Lord, what You have taught me today is that if our hearts are sincere and we have pure intentions, we can achieve the once thought to be unachievable. By Accepting the Love you have gifted us with and using this as the force behind our actions, thoughts and behaviours You can bring about unbelievable results for us. Al we have to do is believe and let go of the false notion that we are somehow incapacitated to achieve all we wish to achieve.

On the other hand, learning to appreciate and express gratitude to others is also most important to do. It makes those who do immeasurable amounts for us to feel the fruit of their labours. The sweet fruit. It is probably not the praise a giver feels joy in receiving but the smile on the face of the other who receives the gift of love. If he/she receives not a smile, perhaps they may feel their actions (although done out of love) aren't bringing happiness to the gift receiver and thus put the giver in a very precarious position because they may feel confused as to whether their actions are beneficial to anyone else or not.

Maybe it is part of our journey to learn that although others may not understand or overtly benefit from their actions, they performed their actions with sincerity and purity and that this is the greatest reward, greatest expression of appreciation. Being true to oneself, after all, is being Grateful and Appreciative of the Gift God has given us... the part of Him within us. The part of You within us, Dear Lord - we are being appreciative of You, Lord. I pray I am better able to give expressions of gratitude and appreciation, both of Beautiful Others and You Dear Lord.

With Much Love and Light


Ps - i am sorry for any errors in the above message. My love with you all always

Kaye, someone once told me

Kaye, someone once told me never to apologize. I certainly don't know what you are apologizing for.

You say so many wonderful things.

There is one point you make above that I have to say something about. Did I read correctly? You mentioned that to do the "impossible" takes belief. I suspect not. I imagine that the mother who lifted the car off her child, that she never had the belief that she could. It wasn't a premeditated act. I can't imagine that she ever thought about it beforehand. I can't imagine that she even thought about it at the time she was doing it. I imagine that it was all done in one stroke, without thinking, that she lifted the car off her child. She wouldn't be able to tell us how she did it. I'm guessing that she might never be able to do it again.

Your post has given me the thought for a blog entry. Probably tomorrow because I have today's ready.

Thank you

Dear Gloria,

Your message has just sent chills of divine energy down my back. Your message is great beyond mention. The power of what you said truly makes it clear that belief in something (including the thought to be impossible) doesn't mean its because of this belief that it happens. And same goes for not-believing. If one has not consciously thought about believing in something does not mean that thing won't happen. You are absolutely correct. The loving mother probably never even thought there was a power which could lift the car. But perhaps having the belief in the power of God (not necessarily the action) lead to the perceived impossible to be proved possible. Perhaps this may be the correct way to express the magic of belief. Believing in the power of Love or just Believing in Love.

thank you ever so much for You beautiful message, Dear Gloria. You truly are a messenger of the Heavens and i am very grateful for your enlightening response.

Much love and light, dear Love

To my mind, dear Kaye, the

To my mind, dear Kaye, the mother does not have to even believe in God! Or love! She could be the biggest doubter in the world.

In some ways, I compare the miracle to Godwriting. You can doubt. You can be certain you can't do it. It doesn't matter. In fact, it could even be easier for those who doubt because they are not expecting something wonderful to happen!

I think our beliefs don't limit God!

Gloria's words to Kaye:

It pleases me to observe your mind has the same quality as God's.


Bless your beautiful heart

Dear Gloria,
Your message has just stirred something in my heart. Sometimes things we do not have any belief in at all, may happen just for us to start believing in them. Sometimes miracles occur so to inspire belief within us even if no explanation presents itself. For example, if one did not believe in the power of Love and one day experiences it to the core of their heart, love suddenly becomes a power they believe in. The loving mother may never have believed in the power of lifting the car, but it did happen and she can't not believe it because it happened. The power of love made itself evident even though she will probably never be able to explain how it happened. Dear Gloria, your wisdom has truly changed my understanding. thank you Lovely, beautiful soul.

Beautiful Kaye you show us how different doing is from BEING.

Kaye my heart tells me that doing is incidental.

"Being is all, because that's where we live and move and have our being."

Sure it's simplistic but some where I read: "Be still and KNOW that I AM is God."

He never does DO. He always is Be.


A couple stories

Lovely, lovely letter. Lovely, lovely comments.

I am reminded of one of the most simple yet most profoundly useful experiences of my life. I may have put it somewhere in a comment before, so if you have seen it before, I apologize, but I feel it may be good to repeat here.

We were on our honeymoon, and my wife, Jean, and I were watching a stage hypnotist entertain. As the last demonstration of the show, he asked for volunteers to come on stage. I was one of four volunteers. He explained that each of us would be dancing to recorded music he would have playing over the load speaker system. The first three volunteers each did a wonderful job dancing to their respective tunes. I was very nervous, I had no idea what he would play for me and I was not a very good dancer! When my turn came a military march began to play. I was so pleased to get such an easy assignment. The music had a dramatic, staccato beat. I pretended to have a rifle on my shoulder and I took dramatic high steps around the stage with each beat. I even made crisp ninety degree turns at each stage corner. When I sat back down with Jean, I was very satisfied with my performance and remarked to her how easy that march music was to dance to. She said: “What march music? None of you had any music playing.” I was astounded and never forgot this little example of the power of the human mind.

We can use the insights in this letter and comments quite easily. Here is another story that I think shows this. My medical practice occasionally has resulted in me being kept up all night when something goes wrong with a critically ill patient. Sometimes I have a full schedule of office patients to see the next day after such a night. This had always resulted in a miserable day with me being tired and dragging and having to be extra cautious about making a dumb mistake (and feeling sorry for myself, I might add). About a year ago, after reading a Heavenletter about how our minds create our experience (I have no idea which letter), I decided to apply this insight the next time I was up all night. I tried pretending I had a full night’s sleep and focused on expecting to be well rested. It was miraculous! My day was not the least bit of a struggle. At the end of the day, when a colleague was being sympathetic, since he knew I had not slept in well over 24 hours, I realized I had forgotten that I had missed the night’s sleep! To me, this is proof of what this letter tells us: “By and large, no one is overdoing. For the most part, My children who feel they are doing too much are living with the idea that they are doing too much. The idea alone is enough to stretch you beyond your limits. It is all an idea.”

It is amazing how many ways this kind of insight can be used. Our ideas truly do create our lives. It is like these expectations of the limits of our physical strength and tiredness, etc., are little mindsets that we acquire from others and constantly replay when the appropriate situation arises. I find that these limiting mindsets are like habits that we can change once we are aware of our ability to do so. But we do need constant reminders. We relearn the habits again easily, since we are surrounded by constant new examples of these limiting beliefs.

Love, peace and appreciation,


Oh, Chuck, how I love that

Oh, Chuck, how I love that little film playing in my head with your dancing story. Jean didn't take photos of those "crisp" turns by any chance, did she?

Chuck no longer need wings to walk on water.

Chuck you help us know what we forgot that we knew.
You did it with style! I love it!


Everyone, please come to

Everyone, please come to today's blog entitled: Kaye, you really believe in belief!

Beautiful stories Chuck.

Beautiful stories Chuck. Thanks for sharing them here. If I had to choose from a list of medical doctors, I would choose the one who had "I read Heavenletters" under their list of qualifications. I'm really happy to know the field of medicine has you playing in it!

Thanks, guys

Unfortunately, there are no photos. Even better would have been a video with sound. Boy do I wish I had one of this.