For Love

God said:

Love is not effort. Love is the natural state when you allow it to be.

Hear this: Love does not have to look loving. It doesn’t have to round the bend like a herd of galloping horses. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t have to be bright colors. It doesn’t have to be notable. It just has to be and to be allowed to be.

Let Us say for a moment that your eye glasses are love, and yet you may look for your glasses the way you do love far away blazing in the distance. Love is right here unnoticeably sitting on your nose, and you are looking elsewhere for that which you already have.

It may be that you think that love has to be out loud or stunning or filled with emotion and drama. Perhaps you think that love has to be of great consequence. Perhaps you think love has to leap up the stairs or fall from the sky like a comet.

The truth is that love does come from the stars, as you come from the stars. Love is an ordinary event. It doesn’t have to come in capital letters. It can come in small letters. It can even come in subscript or invisible ink.

Love does not have to be a big event. Love is uneventful because it is the normal state of being. It is not extraordinary to love. It is the most ordinary thing in the world. It is not an excited state. It is quite even.

Love does not mount a great white steed and charge around the world.

Love is so rampant that you don’t even see it. While you are in the forest, you see trees. You are surrounded by them, yet you don’t see the whole forest. You see only bits and pieces of it. Nevertheless, you are aware that you are in the forest. What else could you be walking in when you are immersed in the trees?

What is the effort in knowing where you are? You don’t have to have marching bands and a big parade or even a tiny parade. You don’t have to have anything but an awareness of where you are. As when you are downtown, and you smell a delicious aroma, you don’t yet know what the aroma is or where it is exactly coming from. It could be chocolates. It could be brownies. It could be melting carob. It could be a little boy near you with chocolate all over his face.

When it comes to love, you don’t have to pinpoint it! You don’t have to know its precise source. You don’t have to know who delivered the love. You don’t even have to know whom it was specifically meant for.

Consider that all love is meant for you. Consider that you are the messenger of love as well. You deliver, and you receive. And when you receive, it is you who has delivered the love to yourself. Even if ten jumping teen age girls blow you kisses, you receive the love, and it is you who delivers the love to yourself. The girls were expressing their joy. You deliver and receive their joy to yourself.

You could have walked by and not noticed. You could have walked by and thought their kisses were meant for someone else. You could have thought the kisses were for you but that you were being made fun of. In those cases, you would not have delivered the love to yourself.

Look for love as you walk along. Do not look for occasions for it. The love itself will do. Do not look for occasions to give love. Life itself is the occasion for love.

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Love IS.

Love is God's heart beat.
It beats in the earth at 7 to 11 mgz. (megahertz)
It lets us know He lives us as we hold His Wrist.
You have to be sort of quiet to do that.
Try it.


"You are transcending time,

"You are transcending time, beloveds."
On October 5th, 2008 George Monta says:

Darling Gloria:

Your letter granted me many tears of love, joy, understanding, release, and a host of other insights that come and go like fairy dust in a Disney Movie. The only difference is that Your words, Gloria, were not make believe, they went right to my heart where you and God talked with me about the life I have learned to live day by day.
Each night just before hopping into bed I stand before my bathroom mirror and point at the guy in the mirror and ask God to enjoy him, bless him and simply continue to do life to him as GOD has always done it. I thank HIM for what's left of this very old frame, stroke and all. His omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence know what I need before I ask, so I simply make love to HIM and to the one in the mirror.
Do I miss my Adaire? Sure, that's God's divine plan and part of the eternal JOY in my heart. I am very happy that she is not bent over with pain, or struggling to breathe but has returned to the foreverness that belongs to all of us.
This is living in the Presence of the One I have known all my life. It rises above religion, ideas, dogmas, to the sort of thing that Darling Gloria demonstrated to us, so beautifully, in the PERSONAL GODWRITING post above.
The guy in the mirror shouts back at me: "Don't forget to bless Gloria with waves of love tonight!" How blessed the world is, to see the real handwriting on the wall of our consciousness.
God's reply to her tells it like we know it is: " You are working for Me, and that's all that matters." Thanks sweet one, you are a dream to all of us.

George, in love with Gloria's God

What a fine example of God's
On October 5th, 2008 Gloria Wen... says:

What a fine example of God's vision you are, dear George. How could God conceive one like you, beautiful soul?

Nirmala makes wisdom alive with love.

I struggle to understand your loving thoughts.

My heart beats frantically searching for words to tell you of the beauty I feel.

This "NOW" like all "NOWS" is the drop off address of God's gifts to me. All pass comprehension, especially you and God's words flowing through you and Gloria. What a gift the two of you are to me! This transcends the all of everything.

Gloria is the open conduit for God's finest thought gifts. What love she shows.

My thanks are too tiny.




The way this message of Love, this Heavenly Heavenletter ends - with the reminder that LIFE ITSELF IS THE OCCASION FOR LOVE

feels like the most delicious blessing. The very gift of my breath is a gift of Divine Love. One breath in and out is a precious gift and

to be grateful for the gift of breathing is today my occasion for gratitude unto YOU for it ! I am suddenly aware that rocks breathe,

and Mother Earth breathes, in and out, inhalng and exhaling, just as we human / angels do. Tomorrow is my birthday for this

lifetime and I give unto you my endless Thanks for the opportunity to appreciate this glorious planet and to have Your reminder

that I and al my brothers and sisters on Earth come from the stars! What a revelation to be gifted with on this birthday. I COME