In Whose Footsteps You Walk

God said:

There is no inferior. There is no superior. There is only where you think you are. There is where you are now, and where you were yesterday. You may prefer one over the other, but there is no superior or inferior. There is only how you feel about it.

When you can let go of the idea of inferior or superior, finding fault goes out the window. Judgment cannot exist without a measuring rod. Accept, reject. Like, don't like. Allow, don't allow. You have free choice. But to wrap everything up in your estimation and to leave it immobile assumes something you may think is power but is really flim-flam.

A lot depends upon which side of the road you are on. Go to the other side, and your judgments may well change. Do you criticize the meal? Then go into the kitchen and cook, and see what understanding you gain.

Instead of the finality of judgment, seek understanding. What is there at a particular juncture in life that you don't understand? What is there in this message that escapes you?

My beloved children have a tendency to externalize what is internal. That does not only apply to other people; it applies to you too.

When you are displeased, you are the one displeased.

Remember you are not so dependent upon the state of affairs as you believe. You are the state of affairs.

Life is in the palm of your hand.

You are the one who turns it over.

You are the one who looks at what is in your hand.

Let Us say you have stones in your hand.

Which ones catch your fancy?

Which ones do you keep, and which ones do you throw away?

You may not know which are diamonds and which are common rock.

Are you the diamond expert?

You have every right to keep those you want and to toss those you do not, but it is not yours to announce which are diamonds and which are gravel.

All reflect My light.

The world says that some people are more valuable than others.

But that is what the world says, not I.

Value is what you put on something.

It depends on what you are looking for.

You may look at the gift more than at the giver of the gift.

What makes something precious?

Is the single hand-clasped dandelion from a child perhaps more precious than a purchased dozen greenhouse roses?

It depends, doesn't it, and what you are looking at or what you are looking for.

Today, look for value. If it is not one kind, perhaps it is another. In any case, you can look for value rather than displeasure.

This is a key point I give you.

Be not proud when you are displeased. Displeasure does not make you a connoisseur.

Which side of the leaf do you look at?

From which angle do you appear?

From which direction do you make your entrance, and from what direction do you leave?

What have you missed, and what are you leaving?

Today, wherever you are and wherever you go, leave some joy.

Leave someone happier than before you came. Certainly not less happy.

You can leave joy without favor.

Remember why you are anywhere.

You are an emissary for Me.

Your task is to leave even the tiniest reminder of Me.

A smile will do.

A nod of appreciation.

A silent acknowledgement that says something good is here, and that you deign to leave more of it.

Encouragement is truth.

Discouragement is unfounded.

Leave a trace of Me.

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A smile will do.

Another gem from the Cosmic Generator.

"Your task is to leave even the tiniest reminder of Me.

Words to Live by.

Love to All,

Ah, that cosmic generator!

Ah, that cosmic generator!

Such a personal Connection It is.

My Lifeline...don't know what I'd do without It.