Nothing Can Be Owned

God said:

When you have eternity — when there is no such thing as time, or limits — when you have forever — when you are forever — hurry and haste cannot exist. Nor can slowness. Only existence can exist.

But in Humanness, you make life like a ribbon you measure in your hand, and so it is folded, and so you mark days and create a calendar, and you have last year's calendar and next year's. You try to capture eternity in sheaves of paper. You try to mark down that which is beyond permanence, for permanent is made brief when neither short nor long exist. Time seems endless when you consider the folds of it, but eternity is far greater than endless. Eternity has its perpetuity, but it is not something that started so it isn't exactly continued. It is this instant, and this instant, and this instant, and is not repeated, for eternity is ever-new, and is not start and stop. There is no interruption to it. It is a song whose note never ceases, and yet it is not held. We could say it increases, but the closest We can say to truth is that eternity is a song. And eternity is eternity and cannot be encapsulated into words. It can't be described. It is more like the paper that life is written on, or like the stage on which great drama is played. But no curtain goes up, and no curtain is drawn.

Is Human life a bridge? That could be said. A bridge that spans eternity, and yet no bridge can cross over eternity because it is not a place any more than it is time. Only seeming. Only seeming because in innocence, humanity is accustomed to measurement.

What are yards and inches then and meters and miles? They measure but illusion. The tape measure lops off lines of eternity where there are none. Measurements of time and space are a consensus for Human conception.

There is such a Human need to hold onto time and space and make them real. To you, real is physical. The body is physical but that which you are knows not time nor space. You do not age and you do not occupy space. Your mind says your body takes up space. But the mind is occupied with space. Your body is existence-less. When you dispense with your body, you are no age. You are ageless. No matter how many lifetimes, you are eternal, and that is ageless. The concept of age does not exist. Newness and oldness do not exist. Ever-ness exists.

You are beyond molecules and atoms.

Love is measureless, and yet you try to measure it. You accord it weight. You name a price for what is beyond the concept of price.

Cost is a measurement. Cause and effect are measurements. They are a tracing, a zig-zag. Cause and effect do not exist. You can consider Me the Cause, and you the effect, but I am Causeless and you are not separate from Me.

You hold on to a figment that you call security. Securing is to try to hold in place that which is placeless and cannot be held.

You cannot grasp all that you are. But you can begin to grasp. Or you can know how little you know of who and what you are, and that is the same as beginning to grasp. Of course, in truth, you are graspless.

And so, you must let go. You must let go of all you thought because your thoughts are only limits on what is limitless. Let go of possessions that hold you in place. Let go of encumbrances that encumber you. Let go of holding on.