Let Your Heart Be a Kite

God said:

Rest in My love, for that is where you lay down your head. Rest your head, for your mind has been overdoing. It has been mining its thoughts and bringing them out and piling them up, looking for gold. Gold is contained in the heart. You have been mining in the wrong vein.

Your heart needs mining, not your mind. Your heart wants its depths plummeted. It wants its essence pulled up to the surface. It has longed for you to attend to it. Stir the bottom of your heart so it is lively once again. You will not find dregs there. You will find unimagined treasures, sunken treasure that will rise to the surface and spread out in wave after wave.

Have you not been digging in the wrong place?

Let your mind come after your heart. Let your heart clear itself. Tell your mind to let your heart be. Your mind has been constricting it. Your mind has imprinted your heart with rules and regulations. Unrestrict your heart. Free your heart like a whale and let it be its own magnificence.

If your heart feels dismal, it is because it has been restricted. Its avenues have been closed, circuits cut. Your heart does not believe in detours or traffic jams. It believes in openness. You have grounded your heart when, all the while, your heart is meant for great heights. Untie your heart.

Let it be a kite that flies. Do not keep it in. Your heart does not belong exclusively to you. You do not own it at all. It is not your dog on a leash or your bird in a cage. Your heart has its own pulse, and its own way. Do not trample it. Your heart has its own being and its own momentum. Your mind is not your heart's keeper. Your heart needs no keeper. Your heart needs only your blessing. Have you been blessing it?

Perhaps you have been cursing it. Perhaps you have battered it around, scolded it, harangued it for being a heart of love. Perhaps you have locked it in a closet. Perhaps you have hidden it beneath other lesser things, saving it for a special day. A heart is not to be saved or secured.

Stop telling your heart what to do and what to feel. Let your heart talk to you. Let your heart dance to the rooftops. It will take you with it. You are meant to fly with your heart. You are not the chariot of your heart. The heart is your chariot. It has no limits. It hurtles through space. It leaps over the stars. It catches the moon. It brings the stars and the moon back to you. It grabs the sun and brings back its great light and warmth. Your heart swivels the universe. Its beat is strong.

And you think to dominate your heart? You can only diminish it.

Your heart is not a bauble. It is a heart of light. It is a unique gem. It is a huge pearl or amethyst strung on love. It is a pendant, your heart. It swings from Heaven. I hold the other end of it.

It is a pendulum. It is perpetual, your heart of love. I never let go of it. You do not rescue your heart. It rescues you.

Do not relegate your heart to be servant of the mind. The mind is a despot. It is tyrannical. It tries to regiment your beautiful heart. It puts a uniform on it. No uniform will fit, for your heart beats and swells and catapults everywhere. No seams can withstand the swelling of your heart. Your heart is seamless. It needs nothing but its own beat and its own story. Listen.