From the Depths of Your Heart

God said:

Your heart gallops across the universe. It races to Me. It looks for Me hither and yon. I am everywhere, but your heart may have forgotten to find Me smack in the middle of it.

All the outside yearnings and quest for salvation may lack the stability of Me, and so I must be found in your own heart, your own heart that seems so elusive to you. Sometimes it does elude you, your heart of Mine.

Perhaps you have put it on the back burner. And now you take it out, and now you dust it off, and now it feels squeezed. Well, then, open it. Open your heart to yourself. You have hidden it from everyone else, and now you discover that you have hidden it from yourself as well.

Although the mind is not to rule the heart — cannot — the mind must consider what the heart is saying. The mind is not a panel to judge the heart, but to hear what it is saying, blend with it, and act from it.

But sometimes the distance between your heart and mind is vast. Instead of being adjuncts, they have gone on different tracks, or they have kidded each other, or passed over each other lightly. They started from the same place but have diverted, or, taking turns, one has followed the other randomly, unaware of direction, investing in various sights, scattered and haphazard, reacting to this and reacting to that, but the core of the heart abandoning itself. Oh, woe to the heart that has lost its song.

You must know that your heart is an instrument entrusted to you. It is a sensor. It is a sensor of Truth. It is a divining rod. And Truth is hearty. Only sometimes the mind says it is something else.

Sometimes the mind fights going in the direction of Truth because it wants to stay where it is. It is not that the mind is lazy, but it is loath to change its course. The mind is quick to take a stand and slow to jump off it.

The fulfillment that the heart craves is not outer. It cries for its own acclaim. All the outer endorsement in the world does not slake the heart's thirst for knowledge of itself.

If you find smallness in your heart, know that that smallness is fake. The heart from its very nature reaches far. Any hint of smallness lodged there is a foreign object. It is non-truth. It is a marker in the heart, trying to keep it contained, trying to hold it in place, but the heart cannot stay still. The heart must venture forth. It does not stake claims, but it finds new ground. The heart is not wayward. It is stalwart, but it forges ahead. If life is a stream, then the heart jumps over it. The heart has no banks. Or it can only spill over what has attempted to border it. There is no obstacle that your heart can't leap over. Radiant is your heart. And rampant too.

Your heart is on a mission, only your mind may not know what it is.

Sometimes you seem to have to lose your way in order to find it, for your way is mobile. It will not stay in place.

At the same time, it never moves.

I cannot be misplaced. You cannot lose Me. You can lose thoughts of Me or your recognition of Me or your confidence in Me, but I am not a commodity, and therefore you cannot lose Me. There is no way you can release Me from your heart. Our relationship is not dissoluble. Our relationship is intact, no matter what your mind says.

I will nudge you. You will remember Me once again. You call it finding Me.