The Fullness of the Moon

God said:

The moon is on your doorstep, but how do you know unless you step out. This is a great lesson in life I am giving you.

When was the last time you went out to look at the moon, not in passing, but expressly for it? Do not think that the moon is irrelevant to you. It wants to shed its reflected light on you. I created the moon for you.

And you are like the moon, for you also reflect light, and it is My light you reflect. The moon, the hallowed moon, issues My echoing light as well. Do not pass it by. Give it a nod.

Does this seem primitive to you? Do you think you are beyond the reaches of the moon, too civilized perhaps?

The moon gives you some idea of yourself. You are like the moon. You have its fullness. Like the moon, you seem to ebb and wane, wane and ebb, just like the moon. But the moon is in synchrony. It doesn't bemoan its phases. It considers not that it rises and falls. It is all of one piece to the moon.

You are the softness of the moon. Have you forgotten that?

Bare your face to the moon and your soul to Me.

When a cloud covers the moon, look up anyway, for nothing deters the moon. During the day, the moon has not disappeared. Only in your sight, it is not there. Unseen, it is still there.

Whether you visibly see Me or not, look up at Me anyway, for by your faith, you are strengthened. What is faith but awareness of light, seen or unseen.

There is no corner of your house where I am not full-fledged.

Where can you be that I am not?

But you have great faith in shadows. If it were not for light, you would see no shadows.

You are equivalent to light, not shadow.

You are light incarnate.

You could say you have no light of your own because all of your light is a reflection of Mine, but all I have I give to you, so it is fair to say that all light is yours. I gave it to you; therefore, you own it, My light made yours. You are a candle lighted from My heart. You are the light of Me.

Like the moon, even in darkness you can shine. And so you must, and so you do.

Even a flicker of My light is My light.

My light has more than a toehold in your life. It is your life. Your life is made of My light. All the shadows you see and fear only blandly cover up My light, but they do not take it away. It is not actually withheld. It's just that you sometimes look only so far and not far enough.

It is like you stay in the house of your mind and don't venture out. Either you don't dare, or you simply don't think of it. Now you will remember to step out to see the moon, and as you look up at it, you will remember that you are eternal light. And if for some reason, you cannot lift your head to look, see the moon reflected in the lake. See the reflection of the moon in the lake, reflection of reflection, another layer of light laid out for you.

The moon has been lying in wait for you. It has been searching for you. It wants you to look at it and enjoy its whiteness. I made the moon to look down on you and you to look up at it. How patient is the moon! It has waited all this time for you to pay attention to what it wants to tell you.

The moon is the moon. It is the same moon in its roundness as it is as a shallow bowl. The moon is ever full, and so are you.