In God's Name

God said:

Whatever you do, whatever you say, do it in My Name. Honor yourself with My Name. Whisper silently to yourself, "In God's Name."

Right now, you read My words in My Name.

Later you go on to something else in My Name.

With this tiny remembrance of My Name, comes a greater plane for you to operate from. With this tiny reminder of Truth, your sights are lifted. You do not need to think, "I come from a higher place now". No, when you remember Me, you come from a higher place.

It is like when you sing a certain note. When you sing A, A comes. When you sing C, C comes. When you sing a high note, a high note comes. Once you have expressed a sound, its vibration continues after its sound has left your ear.

When you murmur, "In God's Name", something gets set in place within you and in the universe. We can call it a certain chord. Or We can call it vibration. Or energy. Equivalent energy gets set off.

When you play a certain musical chord, other things in the room may vibrate to it, for one vibration leads to another. And one thought leads to another. Or echoes.

When someone hums a catchy tune in the room with you, pretty soon you find yourself humming it too.

In this case, when you say My Name, you are reminding yourself of Me, and you are reminding the universe. You activate a silent hum of Me that continues to hum.

When you underline your activity today with "In God's Name", the entire congruence of your mind and body settles. This is a lot like peace.

You can think of My Name as the baton that brings an orchestra all together.

There is a certain hovering when a baton is held, and all eyes are on it. There is an expectant hush. When the baton moves, the orchestra moves with it, and a certain music comes forth. All the notes seem to hold each other.

Today, when you drive your car, drive it in My Name.

Today, when you stop your car, stop it in My Name.

Today, when you go to work, go to work in My Name.

Today, when you eat, eat in My Name.

When you give a kindness, give it in My Name.

And you will find that you cannot do an unkindness in My Name. My vibration and unkindness cannot coexist. Nor can untruth. Only truth can coexist with My tone.

When you feel My love for you or your love for Me, you are getting into My fine tone. It is such a pure tone, and discordance cannot exist with it.

You cannot have your heart in Mine and not deserve it. You cannot have your heart in Mine and be away from My heart at the same time.

I tell you to think "In God's Name". An underlying chord of My Name is My Heart. My Name represents My heart. My Name is Heart. My Name is Love. And you carry My Name.

Until you are more used to it, carry My Name and mark it down before and after what you do and say until you do not need to carry it. By then, it will be fair to say that My Heart is carrying you and you don't need a reminder any longer. But, of course, We come full circle, because My Heart has always been carrying yours.

Now, greet the next person you meet with My Name in your Heart.

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4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said say My Name
Feel My love and My fine tone
Carrying your heart

God said One thought leads
Whatever you do or say
Do it "In God's Name"

God said with this Truth
Reminding yourself of Me
You honor yourself

God said humming Me
Is a pure love vibration
And a lot like peace

Love, Light and Aloha!