Cinderella's Slipper

God said:

There is little you can predict. Rather, you can predict all you want, but accuracy is another matter. You cannot accurately predict how someone else will react to anything any more than you can predict how you will. And what is the value of predicting? Predicting is some kind of squinting your eyes and calculating the odds.

And when you calculate, and your calculation is accurate, what is so marvelous about that? What has been accomplished? What is so tremendous about being correct once or twice or ten times?

Life comes to you in increments. Each increment is all at once. All the increments in the world happen in a split second. It is as if one falls from the other, and yet they are instantaneous. And so you cannot wait for events to line up before you move on in your life.

If predictions are not so reliable, then neither are requirements. Prerequisites — you state, or someone states, or the world states — that certain factors must exist before you can go ahead in certain directions. Predictions have turned into requirements. And a rope has been tightened.

Neither predict nor require.

Change your rules.

Don't make so many of them.

Rules most often exclude rather than include.

And you make rules for yourself, and you are a hard taskmaster. What do half the rules you make for yourself matter? All the things you must take with you before you go somewhere. All the preparation you must make. All the accumulated details before and afterwards. Disengage complication.

Walk, don't run.

What is the merit in keeping yourself away from joy?

Consider life as the opening of windows rather than closing.

Consider life a free-fall and not a considered act.

Consider life a bouncing ball. It bounces, and you bounce it.

Enter boldly into life. Pick it up. Toss it. Catch it. Isn't it yours?

Who says things have to be the way they have always been?

Who says you have to be the way you have always been?

Who says you are the way you are, and that is all there is?

At the same time, who says you have to be different?

You don't have to be anything.

You are already something.

Yet be awake to the more of you that quietly seeks to burst onto stage.

It waits for opportunity. But why wait? Who told it to?


You are a remarkable Human being. You may not have noticed.

Now is the time to notice.

I am telling you to.

I am saying, Look at the wonder that you are. Look at what I created. Exquisite. No two alike yet all the same. The same ingredients, and so much variation. Yet, underlying, the same heart beats. Are you listening?

Have you looked for yourself yet? Where have you been looking? Have you been looking toward, or have you been looking away? Are you afraid of seeing your magnificence? Do you think you cannot live up to it? Do you think it was misappropriated, that your magnificence was really meant for someone else? Or have you shoved your magnificence into the closet, unsure that it fits?

Like Cinderella's glass slipper, your magnificence fits only you.

But you must try it on.

You must dare.

Here, I hold your magnificence out to you. It is yours. Slip into it.

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