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The Importance of Spirituality

The Importance of Spirituality

God Said,

Since, you are pure spirit, it is very important that you connect with your nature, which is pure spirituality. Why is it important to connect with who you are? Because, this is the greatest part of you and the part that is always connected to me…Your Source!

You have thought in the past that your source was your wit, your earthly talents, your intelligence, or other physical attributes that you came in with to this lifetime. These are only the tip of the iceberg, my child, and only represent the smallest part of who you really are. Are they important? Yes, but in only a small capacity. Do they help you on this earthly plane? Yes, but they can also be your greatest detriment, if this is allowed to be the controlling influence in your earthy existence.

One of the biggest mistakes my children can make is depending too much on these natural resources. This might sound again like irony to you. After all, you worked so hard to get to where you are today, that it would only be natural to think these natural attributes and gifts are what you should focus upon. Your worldly arena, and surroundings, so praises those who have excelled in this natural environment, you oftentimes forget about your spirituality and relationship with the divine. This becomes big to you and I become small, and so does your spirituality, it becomes small.

Some of you are so starved for this attention; you will exhaust all your natural resources to get these accolades and praises of mankind. Many of you never got it completely from your earthly parents, and so, you will do almost anything to get it from others. This phenomenon of not getting what you want from your parents actually propels you into rapid advancement of the ego. This rapid advancement of ego hinders your spirituality and connection with me. It is not who you are but is a mere persona you have erected to cause others to like you, admire you, and praise you.

When you put your focus on others, and their perception of you, you live in the world of illusion and pain. The more you try to aspire and climb the ladder that has been created for you by ego, the more, you find yourself disconnected from me. You are never disconnected from me; only in your ego-mind does it seem you are disconnected. You are more aware of your physicality, and your creation in ego, that this causes your spirit to be diminished, and on the back burner, so to speak.

It is like you are living your entire existence for others now. When this happens, it seems that your spirit, the eternal part of you, the greater part of you, is diminished. The spiritual part of you becomes inactive. You focus on that which puts bread on your table, and on others “buttering” your bread, so to speak.

This focus puts all your attention on that which is outside yourself, thus putting reduced attention on who you really are…divinity in a body.

When you reverse this process of focus from the outward to the inward, your spiritual nature begins to accelerate and move forward. This movement forward will not be attained in religion alone. It must start with an awareness of who you really are. Spirit is constantly striving with you to help you to become aware of the biggest part of you. This spirituality is not the tip of the iceberg; it is that which is the biggest part of the iceberg…that which lies beneath the surface. Once, one begins to tap into this that is bigger than anything that is seen, then all heaven breaks loose. (God does have a sense of humor). When this awareness of who you really are takes place and begins to take the bigger part of your energy, then all heaven rejoices at this awareness. Heaven begins to poise itself for this spirituality and your spiritual growth.

Oftentimes, it takes one a while before the light of their spirituality begins to dawn on their awareness. Sometimes it will take quite a shaking of one’s reality, as they see it, to come into this spiritual awareness. This shaking does not have to be. It can happen easier if one will just stop, look, and listen for Spirit. Spirituality, or the awareness of who you are, does not have to be in shaking you. But, Spirit does not give up on you like others who have given up on you. Spirit has great patience and love for you and will never give up on you. Spirit will shake you though if that is what your soul has called for. It remembers what your deepest desires were before you came to earth, even when you have forgotten. Spirit never forgets, it always remembers.

The only time Spirit will not strive with you, constantly reminding you of who you are, is when you tell Spirit to take a back seat. Spirit will always honor your path, even if the path is a path of destruction or demise. You are always loved unconditionally and you will wake up some day to who you really are…a piece of me, your God, and your biggest fan and supporter.

When this spiritual awareness finally dawns on you, all heavens resources come to your aid. When you finally give up on the ego-self, I take over. This is a day of great of rejoicing and celebration in heaven. All, heaven, focuses its attention on this one who has finally come home in spirit. Not, that you have ever been away from me, but you are finally aware of who you are, and your divinity. This spirals you into a new realm that is full of peace, joy and love. You start to feel this divine connection that I have always felt for you. Now, you feel as if you are cradled in the divine…and you are, my sweet child. You truly are… all the time, and in every moment.

Your new, spiritual awareness will be the dawning of a new day for you. This awareness of who you are will be a journey for you, and not a destination. It will be your greatest asset on your earthly existence as it will connect you to the source of all power, love and all that is my nature.

Let it be known to you that although you are in this new awareness, this new vital relationship with your Higher Self, not always will this be something pleasant or welcome by others around you. You might be misunderstood, or branded as weird. You will disassociate yourself with your ego…the one who has kept you from this awareness. It might even seem to you that you have lost everything you worked so hard to obtain in the ego existence. You never really lose anything my child. In me, and in your new awareness is all gain and delight. It is just the fact that many others don’t see eye to eye with you anymore. Some will think you are a devil. Some will call you evil.

They did this to my child Jesus too. He said that they would do it to you too. You might even be surprised when it comes from the ultra religious, those that think they have a corner on the spiritual. Oftentimes, your greatest persecution and hurt will come from these my precious children who are uninformed and living the ego-life. Just because they say they are spiritual, does not necessarily mean that they are in-deed. All those who are spiritual must come with the basis of love as their supreme guiding light. Without the love, all is a sounding brass and a tinkling symbol, no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise.

Without a foundation of love, unconditional love, like that which I have for all of my creation, there is nothing but emptiness and vanity. Anything that does not resemble love is a chasing of the wind and vanity, total emptiness, even as my son Solomon proclaimed in scripture.

So, please start my beloved child by asking me to show you, making you aware of who you really are, the spiritual being that you really are. I will always answer this prayer that comes from your heart. It is an instant bull’s-eye when it comes to being answered speedily. All heaven is poised to come to your aid when you are ready for this new awareness. Ask, my sweet child, and it shall be your reality…one you will never be sorry for…only glory, honor and praise comes with the answer to this prayer.

You are greatly loved my beloved,

Your Father-Mother God

Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

Dearest Scott, I've finally

Dearest Scott,

I've finally succeeded in reading this wonderful posting, it was some days I wanted. It is amazingly beautiful as it comes directly from God through you. God expressing Himself through you and as you. I can feel the deep love and connection and the great truth which you did express so well. This here is a vital point in our lives, it's so important that this should be repeated daily I think.
I was blessed because thanks to His Grace I have always searched for God, for His revealing Himself to me, for showing me my way, for being an instrument in His divine hands and in His divine plan. I have experienced that when with all our heart and being, with all our longing and desperation also, when with a pure heart we call on Him, He never fails to give us an answer and a miracle, this wonderful hide and seak game with the Lord, so sweet, nothing to say of when He answers your prayer instantly and you hadn't even time to breath.
"Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven..." I really enjoyed reading you Godwriting, we are blessed to have you among us right now. If I would live "at the other side of the globe" where you are, I'd love to know you personally and to have chats and conversations with you. It's amazing the energy that comes thru just by a posting in the web, you are a wonderful child of God.
Thank you for coming.

Love and blessings from Italy to you dear


Hi again Berit, Thanks again

Hi again Berit,

Thanks again for your kindness and your expression as Spirit. Your expression of Spirit comes through loud and clear. I can feel the love that is in your heart. It is great and very powerful. Love, of course, is the most powerful energy of the universe. It is the God vibration. If we, as his children would just allow this love to flow in and through us, it would change our world as we know it.

Berit, what part of the world do you live in? What country? If I ever travel to your part of the world I would love to see and visit with you. And please, feel free to look me up if you ever come to beautiful Colorado. :)

With Love and Gratitude,

Hi again Berit, I am a

Hi again Berit,
I am a little embarrased. I read the last line of your last response to my posting about Spirtuality.
I just realized that you are from Italy. My apologies for not reading as thouroughly as possible.

You are a beautiful soul...

God Bless,

Dearest Scott, it would be

Dearest Scott,

it would be really great to meet us personally. I live near Milan, just a bit outside, if you happen to come this part of the world, let me know.
I had really a difficult day yesterday, now reading your responses made me turn again to your wonderful posting. I will print it out and read over again and again.
That's how we are God's instruments, divine timing again.

God bless you dear Scott

Love Light and Joy

Hi Sweet Berit, I hope your

Hi Sweet Berit,

I hope your day is brighter today. Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe, even send my prayer energy to you?
Let me know as that is why we are on this help each other whenever it is needed.

Just rest and know that you are embraced by the divine and bathed in its sunlight.
You are greatly loved and God is always honored by your presence.

Blessings and Love to you,


Dearest Scott, "all is well

Dearest Scott,

"all is well with my soul", a sweet angel of this Heavenfamily did express herself this way some time ago and it got right into my being. Admidst the difficulty I was facing I cried out to God asking: where are you ???? and He said: " I'm right here, right now, right inside and around you. all is well with your soul, nothing can touch you." Oh what a feeling, I felt so relieved, emotionally and physically.


"Let me know as that is why we are on this help each other whenever it is needed." BECAUSE THAT'S REALLY MY TRUTH and you expressed it exactely how I feel about it. I love these synchron with God.

Thanks for all your prayers and energy and love !!! Further to being an Angel you are a healer, God is sending thru you and as you an amazingly beautiful energy. it's a deep deep inner feeling of home.

Love and blessings to you dear

Hi Berit, Wow, I am so glad

Hi Berit,
Wow, I am so glad that Spirit was able to communicate to you in such a way as to soothe your soul.

Isn't it interesting how are feelings can either work for us or against us at times?

Just know that you are not your thoughts or your feelings...You are Spirit, housed in a body.

I am thankful for all feelings...even those that seem negative, because they can be great teachers and help us connect to Source-God on a deeper soul level. God has reminded me more than once that I would not appreciate the sunshine near as much, if there was no rain. This is the contrast that happens to us all. The only thing we can really depend on is that God will never leave us or forsake us even in the deepest trials or temptations that face us.

Blessings and Love,

Hi Scott, indeed it's

Hi Scott,

indeed it's really interesting how our feelings can work for or against us. In conversation a I had with God / Spirit concerning a deep suffering infact I was told and reminded that it's not what happens in itself, but it is always our reaction to it. And that is true, I have experienced lately, that what would have blown me completely out of the room some months ago, now could be lived a complete different way. I have set kind of allarm bell ringing in my heart each time for some reason or other I did risk to enter a frequency of fear, and to reject all reactions to this illusionary state of mind. Fear is not God and is not being connected and I simply do not want to act and react and do anything which arises out of fear and so I move again to love and faith.
This life is really a most wonderful experience, the contrasts help us be and feel who we are. A candle can experience it's own beauty in darkness, not admidst a never ending sun of love, where all is light and light is all there is. Through that which we are not we can experience and be that which are, that which we choose to be, our highest self / God / Spirit........

Wish you a wonderful day

Love and blessings and light and joy


Beautiful Berit,

Beautiful Berit, Beautiful.
I cannot add anything to your words...they are your truth...because Spirit is teaching you, and showing you as you walk in stillness.
Life is full of contrast and it is only human to want what we had before...Heaven is a hard place to beat.

We long for that love from heaven...we come here to this earth and we say...I want my heaven back again. I want to be part of the heartbeat of God again...So, when we come here and don't find all the love we want...we yearn for home again...We long for love.

We try to fill our lives on earth with love, but we don't know how to find it. We try all kinds of ways to find it...only to be disapointed over and over again. We seek love in all the wrong places. Then, we wake up and say, I am going back home to find the love I was missing on earth. Sometimes we find it before we transition back to Heaven, sometimes we don't.

God in his love shows us in Heaven that we can experience Heaven on earth and so we come here again to find this love. We are fortunate indeed if we connect to this Source of inexorable love...Which is God. We find that yes, on earth, we can find a loving partner...but it is not the same as the love of our Source-Partner-God. We find that all other loves in comparison are not the same as our loving relationship with the lover of our souls. Only He/She can satisfy our inexhaustible search for true love.

Be Still and know that I am God...To know me (God) is to love me. In scripture the word know has a different connotation and meaning.

To "know" a woman or man in scripture meant intimacy and carnal knowledge of that person. To "know" God is to know Him/Her intimately...By Spirit. Can this be our reality? Jesus thought so, and many can you and so can I.

I bless your path...for it is the path of love...