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Sometimes the fog comes in so thick...

Sometimes the fog comes in so thick that the familiar ways of finding my way fade. I feel so afraid and alone. During these times, I just love God. Now that may sound too hard or even impossible, but I still do it. And I don’t even have to know who or what God is... or even believe in God. I can even rename God, and call God “mystery” or “Oneness”. Or I can direct my love to something familiar, like a precious flower or a beautiful blue sky. It really doesn’t matter. But when I dare to love God or Mystery or even a precious flower or whatever... inspite of it all...a miracle happens: I feel loved back. And with love, comes a light, and with light...a way to proceed. Blessing you always, Jimi.

How beautiful and real...i

How beautiful and real...i love this expression of honesty and truth...ty, love...mike:)