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Giving It A Rest

Giving it a rest
Of the next
Of unsavory times or even the best
We relax
Like an artist
Impassioned with life
Whose fulfillment is in this current stroke
Instead of a collector
Of times
That would pile on
As if joy is a fire to be stoked
This is the joke
We play on ourselves
That can be cruel and is far to usual
Than if we laughed it all away
By being present in our day
Delving deeper
Into the meaning
Of dynamic love
Which again, is at peace and relaxed
Not at all taxing or taxed
It needs not
Words said or actions done
Or undone
The unconditionality
Of which it's From


Thank you Mike for that!

Thank you Mike for that! Peace and blessings...Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Thank You Jim...and thank

Thank You Jim...and thank God for unconditional love and freedom, that life here is like a play...acted out in passion...yet when the curtain goes's still "just" us walking away in perfect delight...content to have enjoyed a well acted show...knowing it's ourselves we're observing....and in this way...each time the curtain goes up again...we'll enjoy even more and more...Moving even more towards a truer serving...mike

How well expressed such a

How well expressed such a great truth !!

Beautiful this here:

"it's still "just" us walking away in perfect delight"

The lovely expressions of your heart and of all this forum are PERFECT DELIGHT.

Love and blessings sweetheart

yes..."moving towards a

yes..."moving towards a truer serving" so beautiful Mike. thank you. Jim.