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I think God really likes us...

Yes...I think he does like us. And then when I ask my heart what it thinks it says it does not think but rather knows that God likes us...and...and really loves us a lot. And this is regardless of what our minds tell us. I have learned that it really makes a lot of sense not to listen to my mind too much. Never mind! My mind can concoct all kinds of stuff...mostly erroneous conclusions. My mind does not have my best interests at heart!! But the heart never mind.'s the bottom line...and kind of like a suggestion for all of you that are reading this and are maybe not fully convinced that God loves you...just a suggestion...Love God anyway...regardless of how you may feel about doing this...and see what happens. Just love God anyway...and love everyone anyway...including people you don't care for. Just love them and see what happens. What do you have to loose? except an outmoded, illusory view of your individual identity. Welcome home...Welcome to the love that you are. Jim and Jimi.

Yes, dear Jim and Jimi, I do

Yes, dear Jim and Jimi, I do believe that God loves us!

Indeed God loves us, and it

Indeed God loves us, and it is so beautiful to hear it over and over again and to feel it in our hearts. The mind is capable of the most extraordinary illusions and stories to make up, but when we just listen to our heart, we can find and feel God's love, and when we know that God loves us so much everything moves into a different perspective. Everything changes for everything is ok.
There is a very beautiful Heavenletter about the mind and the heart but I can't recall the title now.
Welcome home, welcome to whom we really are.