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I love thinking about you...

Gosh I love thinking about you...yes you, the reader of this. I like thinking that you are well and happy and that you take life one easy step at a heartbeat at a time. So this way you can really infuse life with all of your love...all of it...really! So what i think is that it is really not what you do with your life...where you happen to live, what you do for a living, who you live with, how much money you have...whether you go to church or not...or even if you like rhubarb or not. And it is not about either your so called failures or so called victories...whether you have been in prison or won the Nobel Peace Prize. None of all of that matters. But what I hope for you is that you are happy...and at peace...and that you are very gentle with yoursself...easy on yourself. That is my wish for you. are in my heart....there is a special place for you where you will feel safe and loved. It is God's heart as well of course! And it is your heart as well sweet one. I really believe that God meant for you to know that He loves you so much...that's why He sent me here to say these words. And that's why You are in the lives of your family and friends and love them without reservation! You don't need a reservation to love anyone, including can do it any time 24-7. So I was just thinking about you and thought I would share these words with your heart. I love you so much. Jimi.

Dearest Jimi, this message

Dearest Jimi,

this message of Love from you/God is my morning message. It makes all the difference in the world reading your loving posting starting this new day and of course you don't know the why's or how abouts, and of course they don't matter, what matters is Love, just Love, everywhere and to everyone, including ourselves and all of God's wonderful creation.
I really love your heart and the love that you are and shower so gently on all of us ! Endless blessings and heavenly gifts on you dear Jimi.

With love and gratitude