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Dearest Gloria,

on Monday I arrived at home. Being in Germany and with my father was really nice. We had a good time. On the other hand maybe there is no need to say how I missed Heavenletters and making translation. But I want to say that I have missed them a lot. Ohhh how I do love them...How....Thank you for your being and channeling for us - infinitely many many times.....
What blessings they are!!!!!!!

Since the day I arrived I have been translating them daily (sometime more than 3 letters a day) and insert them to the web page. Besides today I have sent 5 trasnlations to Santhan as well.

And we have a new member. Can you pls make her subscription. By this way it will be easier for her to reach the letters.



Dearest Engine, WELCOME

Dearest Engine,


Glad you had a good time in Germany. I hope the weather was fine. I love your full steam way of translating, you are very much alive and YOU ARE JOY ! Thanks for being here !


Very dear Berit, sehr liebe

Very dear Berit, sehr liebe Berit, yes the weather was Ok, sometimes it rained but I know rain is a real blessing. I know this because I used to complain about rainy weathers and all those clouds. I used to admire only sunny sky and guess what happened, I think this global warming thing mostly affected the city I live in, sooooo for nearly 2 years we have had mostly mostly sunny sky and few drops of rain :Criying: And it turned into a real problem...(what a long explanation of the weather in Hamburg :p )

Briefly, the weather was good, wvwrything was good, we had a really goood time :thumbup:

As far as I know, you are originally from Germany, aren't you??? German is a very rich language and I am trying to improve mine :wub:

Thank you very much for your warm welcome :wub:

Liebe Grusse aus Ankara