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Canim Gloria and all the translator sisters and brothers -- mostly sisters I think :)

I have a questionnnnnnn, message no 2498:

"Every day you are starting a new year. No more resolutions, however. Now new thoughts reign supreme. Resolutions aren't worth as much as new thoughts. Desiring new thoughts is good -- having new thoughts is better. Resolutions are wimpy. New thoughts are the new season arrived."

What is the exact meaning of "resolution" here? This word is very abstract to me so I am not sure of the fact that how I can express it in Turkish ( dear Gloria, have I written a silly sentence here, gramatically wrong? I just want to know, since, everyday I am trying to improve my English :)



How much better in English

How much better in English can you get, canim Engin!

Is there the expression New Year's Resolutions in your country? People write down things like:

I will stop smoking. I will stop eating sugar. I will lose weight. I will forgive everyone. I will give to charity.

They make a list of resolutions that mostly fall by the wayside. They are not lived up to.

The person is sincere, but the follow-through isn't quite there.

I think God is saying it's better to do rather than talk about it. Better to have new thinking rather than resolutions of what you want. Better to be there.

Does this help?

Thank you Canim

Thank you Canim Gloria,

Thank you...I think the word "resolution" itself was a bit stranger to me ;)

I am more familiar with the word "decission" etc...Your explanation helped me alot and I have learnt one more wordddddd todayyyyy :thumbup: