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How to remain the Heavenletters pure consciousness of God in translation?

Dear all volunteer,after translation for some time, I feel it is important to remain the Heavenletters pure high consciousness of God. However, when I am translating, my consciousness always inevitably influence the letters,for this happens almost unwittingly, I can not realize it. No matter how popular my Chinese translation is , no matter how many Luxuriant words or poems I used, it is not the pivotal and key, the God pure ,clean and flesh spirit is the theme. Beloved, Can you give me some advice? I think I need to be quiet and peace for a while to increace my vibration and consciousness!
P.S I have just got Heavenletters book, I love it! There are 91 Heavenletters, only the first one -"Open your heart like beating wings" can be found on Heavenletter Archives of web.Am I right?Paula and Engin, I know you two have translation the book, Will you be kind give me some advice in translation the book? can you tell me how many Heavenletters are both in book and in the web?

Another Chinese volunteer, her name is Liruozi(my friend, an English teacher in university), attend us too, Welcome her!

*****Is it not a joy to have like-minded friends come from afar?-Analects of Confucius 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?-论语*****
*****Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned--Heavenletter #4184*****

Beloved Innerpeace, it is

Beloved Innerpeace,
it is not easy to give a clear cut answer to your request. Asian languages in general and Chinese language in particular have mental patterns that are so different from European language. I wonder if you are addressing a problem of translating the concepts vehiculated in Heavenletters or if the problem is to grab how God exposes and develops ideas in Heavenletters.

"European" languages translators of Heavenletters also have the challenge of grasping the central idea, the core of each Heavenletter and build translations to make these core ideas stand out. Translation goes beyond translating in sequence one sentence after the other.

I understand, at the same time, that the Chinese culture might not proceed the same way to enunciate and develop ideas. It might be a different kind of linearity or circularity.

The only advise I could really give you is to take time to read many Heavenletters to get more and more familiar with their way of expressing ideas. You might also try to condense Heavenletters within few sentences that express the whole idea of each Heavenletters. This is something we learned in school: to extract the main idea of a text. If it can be of some help to you.

So take your time and be comfortable.

We want to keep you with us.

Translating Heavenletters

Dear Innerpeace,

I am quite sure that it is common to all translators of Heavenletters to feel the way you do. It seems like it would be the last frontier for the mind to dare think that we could carry the word of God and see it come out of our mind through our fingers on the keyboard.

At first, I would be uncorfortable very often when translating. Then, I would stop and ask God for help. I guess I really appreciate His sense of humor and I would tell Him things like : " Ok, if you want me on this team of translators You will have to show me You do..." and then the words and the certainty they were perfectly appropriate would come, like a miracle.

Then, as you "dare" continue to translate you go in depth into the Words of God and some of them reassure you. And then, one day you obey those words and you let go. It happens to me, when I translate, to write so fast and even anticipate the words that come next, then I tell myself to calm down and "hold my horses". In those moments, I wonder if Godwriting represents something like this.

It happens also, than some sentences or examples related to the culture have to be adapted before translation, then again, I sort of ask for "permission" to go on with my idea and there is definetly, at one point, a moment of peace that tells me it is ok, specially if I let go and "smile at my fears." I am so sure that God, in all His Love, doesn't want that the act of translating His Word could be a tedious moment, never.

And then, all along, there were Gloria and Normand who kindly reassured me, and then Paola who offered to proofread my translations, this is, to me, the idea of a magnificent team serving God.

Then, you are happy to see your doubts go away...

Much love to you all.

Beloved Chantal, when I

Beloved Chantal, when I posted my comment, that is when I saw your response. I like your response better than mine! Your answer is simple, and I think you say what I wanted to say. Yes, simple and easy, and God-blessed. Thank you, Chantal.

I really can relate to this

Dear Chantal,

At first I was very uncertain of myself, afraid of making mistakes, and I too ask God for help. And of course I always can ask Luus (she translates for a couple of years now), she helps me with translations if necessary and when I overlook a typo, she will find it and corrects it for me. That is very nice of her!!
We all do the best we can!!

love and light, namasté, ANneke

Beloved Innerpeace --

Beloved Innerpeace -- Yingxuan!

How lovely to learn that Confucius and Heavenletters are on the same page! But, always, Truth is Truth. And Truth is. timeless. .

Yingxuan, here is my feeling about translating. First, there must be different styles of translators and translating. I think you have a heart style.

I remember once that Engin, Heaven's translator from Turkey, who took a Godwriting workshop quite a few years ago, said that she thought translating Heavenletters is something like Godwriting. In Godwriting, there is no effort. There is no "thinking." There is also no having to get in a quiet place or anything you have to do to prepare. Just you as you are, and God comes in, and God helps you. .

The way I see it, your style is innocence, beloved Yingxuan.

Certainly, translating has its difficulties. At the same time, it has to be easy. I am sure that God is with you when you translate.

I have always felt with Heaven translators that God chooses them. You chose yourself, too, of course. You and Normand and all translators are here at God's behest. God has interviewed you and accepted you. So, please, be easy about your translating There is no ideal perfection in translating. I know you will be true to your heart, and your heart knows how to translate God's words.

You are translating for God, and you are also translating for the Chinese people who think in Chinese and not in English.

I know you are very conscientious. Just as in Godwriting, God says not to ask the questions that tend to create doubt. You do the best you can, and then move on to the next.

We can say I am also a translator of Heavenletters.

As I said to Normand the other day on the Global Translator Circle, I am reminded of the quotation that goes something like this: "It's not the letter of the law you follow. It's the spirit of the law."

Your heart is in the right place, Yingxuan. I have every confidence in your translating. I have every confidence in you. You have translated how many Heavenletters so far? You are an expert at it. Pat yourself on your back!

When there is something in a Heavenletter that may be an idiom or has a meaning you are unsure about, please ask your question on the Translator Global Circle.

You can know that your translating is fine and true. I am sure that God kisses your translating.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

How to remain

I asked God for an answer and used the Cosmic Generator; this is the Heavenletter that was shown:

So I would say: don't worry Innerpeace, God will help you, always!!

The Grace of God

Heavenletter #891 Published on: March 28, 2003
God said:

You want to remember that I am the Doer. What does this mean? It means I am the Accomplisher. I may accomplish through you — I most assuredly do accomplish through you — and yet, let's make it clear that I am the Doer.

We can say I am the Sender. I send you here and there to perform on My behalf, but I am the One Who sends you. Therefore, I am the Doer.

Just as with Heavenletters, they come to you through the hands and computer of another, but the writing is Mine. Therefore, I am the Writer.

You are messengers, but you are messengers on My behalf.

Much of your happiness is dependent upon your delivering My messages. As they are. Not amended.

In life, you want, as much as humanly possible, to send out My messages. Then your breathing is easier. My Will will irrevocably be done, and when it is through you, you begin to get the message yourself.

You are under a spotlight of My love. Yes, I tell you to follow Me, and yet I am the Spotlight which follows you. Light is My message always. And you are a reflector of My light. Shine well.

Check with yourself about the messages you send out and keep them true to Mine.

When you feel less than love, ask yourself what you would say or do if you did feel God's great love in your heart. In this light, perhaps you can send out love across the waves of life.

If you can conceive the possibility of My love, you can further it.

When you remind yourself that you are My light on earth, can you send out darkness? Can you do less than inspire another? Regardless of another's follies, can you not deliver My light?

We are talking about responsibility. You are not responsible for another's actions. You may be a contributor, but you are not responsible for another's rudeness any more than you are responsible for their good manners. You were not designed to be a reflector of another. You were meant to reflect Me.

If you were I, would you commit hurt of any kind to another? If you were I, how would you conduct yourself in the world? If you were I, how would you feel about yourself? If you were I, what would you say or do right now?

If I am the deepest core within you, I am your highest note. Why would you then not ring Me? Why would you play any other note?

And if you knew that I am the God within another, what bell would you ring? You are destined to ring the highest note. It is yours to ring.

It will not always bring you the return you want, but that is not the issue. The issue is you, and not what comes to you.

You do not yet know what your best is. You do not know of what you are yet capable. When I tell you that you are capable of all that I AM, you do not believe it.

But, today, will you move in the world as though you do believe it? Will you move through the world today as though your fealty to Me is the same as your fealty to yourself? Will you move through the world today with the grace of God and bestow the same upon all you meet?

Love and light, namasté, ANneke

Profound answer, Anneke! And

Profound answer, Anneke! And are you not Heaven's newest translator before Yingxuan and Xiyangyang came to us?

Perhaps there will be a chapter in the How to Godwrite book about translating. Every comment here and the Heavenletter you shared with us, Anneke, has to be in it.

You have all given gems for it.

Thank you, Gloria

I am on the Dutch translation team since March, dear Gloria, yes, that was before Yingxuan and Xiyangyang. I just opened up and asked God for an answer and it came....I am very
grateful that this Heavenletter 'popped up'. So all the answers are in the Heavenletters, we just have to find them....

love and light, namasté, ANneke

So beautifully said. Perfect!

So beautifully said. Perfect!

Beloved Innerpeace, there is

Beloved Innerpeace,

there is nothing to add I feel. Indeed God is the doer, feel Him and ask Him if you are in doubt, He will guide you. To me it is more about feeling, a sensation of being ok or feeling something inside that might tell you to have a second look.
You can't get it wrong, enjoy the blessing of translating.

Biggest hugs and thanks to you dear !

Dearest Innerpeace, if you

Dearest Innerpeace,

if you translate from your heart, you cannot fail! When I translate, words seem to come and flow as on their own. Then, every now and then, there's an expression I don't know, and sometimes I get angry with God, especially if I am in a hurry, because He uses these strange idioms or expressions. But I do understand that having to look up the expressions, has improved a lot my English. It's the same with our experiences in the world; we may not always like everything that comes our way in life, but later on we can realize that it was all for our good!

As for the Heavenletters book, I translated it so long time ago that I can't remember whether the Letters are to be found in the archives. Anyway, the book is easy to translate just like the other Heavenletters, one Letter at a time.

And one last thing, God Himself says in one of the Heavenletters that it's not the words that are important but the vibration they carry, and that will reach all readers. I am sure you are able to carry this vibration in your translations, and translate the LOVE to your readers.

With love,
Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

If I dare ...

Since we started those exchanges about translating Heavenletters, I have this thought banging in my head that tells me :

What if, this connection with God that we allow ourselves to experience when we translate those magnificent words, what if, we would allow it constantly in our daily life.

I guess I don't dare... It would be too nice, too easy!

Or may be, soon, I will dare!

Love to you all.

Dare now ! Dearest Chantal,

Dare now !

Dearest Chantal,

that's it, isn't it ? when we are in doubt about what to say or do we can just tune in and let Him speak, every time, every day more and more ! your words are amazing, it is beyond the words, they carry a love and vibration that is sheer bliss and joy !

You already made the step, for your heart felt it.

Love you

the corresponded number between Heaven book and web

Thanks for all beutiful answers,which enlightens me all the time!

The following is the corresponded number between Heaven book and Heavenletter Archives of web. Maybe some others need it too,I copied it to Heavenletter forum to benefit more people.

1 3
2 38
3 43
4 48
5 59
6 72
7 77
8 83
9 94
10 102
11 111
12 149
13 166
14 174
15 200
16 215
17 250
18 281
19 298
20 299
21 312
22 367
23 374
24 388
25 397
26 402
27 408
28 465
29 481
30 582
31 591
32 599
33 604
34 616
35 645
36 688
37 696
38 700
39 707
40 712
41 721
42 722
43 724
44 816
45 820
46 890
47 891
48 899
49 907
50 913
51 915
52 932
53 938
54 941
55 946
56 952
57 955
58 970
59 985
60 996
61 1003
62 1005
63 1015
64 1016
65 1017
66 1028
67 1030
68 1033
69 1040
70 1041
71 1044
72 1046
73 1048
74 1049
75 1059
76 1081
77 1088
78 1101
79 1108
80 1109
81 1129
82 1161
83 1171
84 1175
85 1179
86 1180
87 1181
88 1186
89 1187
90 1197
91 1198

*****Is it not a joy to have like-minded friends come from afar?-Analects of Confucius 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?-论语*****
*****Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned--Heavenletter #4184*****

Beloved, Yingxuan,

Beloved, Yingxuan, Innterpeace of my heart, how did you determine Heavenletter numbers that correspond to the chapter titles! How did you do it?!!! You are a whiz. Thank you, thank you. I won't lose this corresponding list again. Eternally grateful to you, dear friend.

I should point out that many of the chapters in the book are slightly abridged. The Heavenletter on the web is mostly a little longer than the Heavenletter in the book. This was due to trying to fit the words into two pages, although this did not always work. Please know that I do not ordinarily do any such adjusting of the Heavenletters.

Yingxuan, am I correct that what takes up a whole page in English takes up less than a page in Chinese script? If it is easier for you to translate online from the web site, I see no reason why the translation you make has to be exactly as the English book. I would think that the Heavenletter is in its original form on the web, again, if this is easier for you, is just fine. If my thinking here is missing something here, please tell me.

The new titles as given in the book, given with hours of thought, are to keep, do you agree?

It seems to me that God is seizing the Chinese translations to open Heavenletters up further to the world. I feel a great surge of energy moving the expansion of Heavenletters faster and further. This could be a breakthrough.

You and Xiyanyang and now Liruozi have come so wonderfully!

May the Chinese Heavenletter book become a best seller, Innerpeace!

By the way, I love your two quotations. They emphasize that Truth is Truth.

God bless you. With love and gratitude,


P.S. I almost forgot to tell you! I saw a very beautiful movie made in China last night. The name of it is The Flowers of War. Beautifully done. Heaven Admin had seen the movie earlier and recommended it to me. There were some great heroes in this movie. Have you seen it, Yingxuan?

The number was made by

The number was made by Xiyangyang, thanks for all his done!
*****Is it not a joy to have like-minded friends come from afar?-Analects of Confucius 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?-论语*****
*****Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned--Heavenletter #4184*****