How to Create

God said:

You are learning to be like Me, to think like Me, to see like Me.

When I created the universe, I did not think through each detail. That would have been indeterminable and lengthy. What I did was desire. I had an intention to create life and beauty, and My intention was realized. You were part of My intention. My creation is creating itself still. That is called evolution. Something was started in motion, and the motion continues.

My desire was to take My love and make something concrete of it. That was My desire. That was My aim. That was My intention, but I did not draw a blueprint and figure everything out beforehand. I had My desire, and My desire manifested, and I blew life into it, and I saw it was good.

And that is how you create. You do not plod along with every nuance. You feel an urge toward something — that is your desire — and your desire bears fruit. What you desire becomes a picture of itself.

Had I planned every detail of creation, I might still be working on it. But the details drew themselves together out of My beginning thought. Thoughts manifest.

An artist who paints has his desire to express, and he moves his brush and he encourages it and he follows it, and something in the artist that had to be expressed expresses. Something from inside the painter calls the painting to himself, and the brush cooperates. The colors move themselves. Everything is ready and eager for the painting to be painted. The artist does not have a formula. He has a desire to express something. He was not creating a formula. He was creating a painting.

In your desiring, you may not even know the name of it or if it has a name. You desire. You are the desirer. And you are the desired. What you create is your picture. It is a picture revealing yourself.

Your desire is for love to come out of you. You may think your desire is for love to come to you, but your desire is to express.

A car is not a desire though you may wish for it. It is something you want and perhaps require in terms of your world, but wanting or needing a car is not a desire. A desire is something more than a limited object.

Start to seek your desires, seek to know what they are. They are pursuing you, your desires.

How are you going to express yourself to Me — that is a desire. And that is the same as your saying, "How is God going to express Himself to me and through me?"

Your true desire is that I express through you. The fact is I do. And you are branching out. You are losing your edges and becoming more immersed in the universe of Me. I am not outlined, and nor do you want to be. You want to reach the furthermost without any demarcation in the way, no stops, no fences, no gates. Your desire to be at the furthermost is My desire for you to be at the innermost.

My words here are like an artist's stroke of the brush, and you are wondering what they mean. My words here, My brush strokes, are pulling you closer to Me. That's what they mean. And that is what you can understand. You can understand that I love you and bring you to Me. And that is Our desire. We are creating your desire and fulfilling Mine.