Getting to Know You

God said:

Have a new picture of yourself. Redraw your sketch. Or erase it. Have no sketch of you at all. Just have you. You in all My glory.

So often you predict yourself. You think that life strictures you or other people, but it is you. You constrain yourself. Widen your opportunities and avail yourself of them. You are your greatest opportunity, but you simply haven't seen that. You keep looking for something wonderful to come to you. It has.

You keep looking for some kind of answer, some conclusion to or evaluation of everything. You are resolved to make sense of things. Make life instead. Make life by letting go of it. Aim, and let go.

Discharge your servitude to fashionable concepts that don't apply to you. Apply yourself to the truth of your dreams. There is more out there for you. Dare to reach it. Reach higher. Then it will come closer to you. Your reaching pulls it to you. Reward yourself.

What are your true deep desires? To accumulate or to give? Divest and dispense. What metaphors in life are yours to make? What associations of diverse things can you bring together? What illusion can you shake? Reassemble shards of your life. Put the pieces back together differently. There is another configuration than the one you have assembled.

How you combine the elements changes their features, do you agree?

Combine yourself with Me. I am not a missing ingredient. I am a base. I am the base from which all else comes. Even paint has a base. You cannot possibly be without one.

Base your life on Me. That means start from Me. Start from where you began. Start at the beginning and begin anew again and again. Check in with Me. It's free. It's holy. It's a good thing to check in with Me because I am refreshing. I am the Refresher.

Consider your life a refresher course. In your life, you are looking for signs of Me. Instead of the signs you have been looking for, look for the clues I have strewn before you.

Better yet, look at Me. Look for Me directly. Enough skirting the issues. Come back to Me. Catch Me. I am right behind you and ahead of you. You can't miss Me, for I leap in front of you in order to be seen. Oh, you're right, I don't have a form you can see, but you can see evidence of Me nevertheless. You can see love, can't you? Even in the most remote places, you can see it. Sometimes it's easier to see in the remote places. Then bring it back with you to the milling throngs who are ever passing by one another and forgetting My love in their haste. Take My love with you and throw it to the winds.

Grow in the habit of love by giving it and knowing that there is always more where that came from. Be not stingy with love. It is not yours to be stingy with. When you are stingy with it, it disappears in your closed hand. When you open your hand, like a butterfly, it is gone. Set it free in the first place. That is what I have done.

I set love free in the world, and I told it to multiply. It must multiply or it becomes dormant. Love is not happy to be dormant.

Love will out. Open its cage and let the bird fly. Make not a prisoner of My love in you. Free My love so it finds more of itself. This is the value of anonymous giving. It is My love you give, and to whomever you give, you give it to yourself. This is all done in freedom. Giving love is the freedom of your evolution. Give it without noticing. My love is not a proclamation. It is My love. My love invades everything. Let it invade you. Allow My love in you to know itself.