Pick Flowers

God said:

What I suggested yesterday will change the order of your day. You may do the same things, but you will do them in freedom. How you look at your life will change and, thus, your life will change. From bondage to freedom, My children. That is all it takes. A tiny switch in you, and you go from off to on. Stay on.

What has happened, in many cases, is that you forgot to enjoy life. You were so busy fulfilling self-imposed obligations that you forgot the true purpose of life which is to enjoy. You can do the same things you have been doing, and you can enjoy doing them when you are not shackled by them. Give yourself joy breaks.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to pick flowers? Or to really look at the sky? Or sit down with yourself and find out how you're feeling about things? When was the last time you didn't race around with a huge sack of things to do over your shoulder?

When was the last time you set off on your day to enjoy it rather than get through it? Setting off on your day with the intention of joy is painting your day a bright color. Too often you have painted your day gray, or you have painted it nothing, waiting for someone else to make your day something. Brighten your own day. It is yours, after all.

My children have too often been duty-bound, believing that they needed to do certain things to catch up. To catch up to what? To approval? Certainly not Mine. You have Mine, so you don't have to wear yourself out for it.

There is some satisfaction in crossing off another thing on your list, but why, I ask, is your life so much of what has to be done? Too often your life has been a list of chores that have to get done and then be done again. I am not telling you to ignore responsibility. I am not telling you to ignore responsibility for the density around you, for dusting and mowing and cooking and hanging up your clothes. I am asking you to take responsibility for your joy. Your joy. Put joy at the top of your list. Find out how to dust and clean or add up figures and weed with joy.

You are not a robot. You are a Human being. I made you with joy for joy, yours and Mine. Fulfill My joy by making joy and having joy of your own.

Intend to enjoy. Decide to enjoy. Decide to steer your joy rather than await it or get through non-joy.

I am teaching you to live in the moment. The now of this moment does not contain worry. Worry is not of the present. Worry is for something later that you fear will befall, or it is pummeling your chest for something in the past that you interpret a certain way.

Will you please live your life rather than interpreting it?

Will you please enjoy the sights around you?

Will you please welcome all that enters your life today? Even in displeasure, surely there is something to make you smile.

Unscramble your day. Toss it up. Catch it. Delight in it.

Here is a day given to you for your pleasure. It is not given to you for your woe. Woe is not better than joy. It is not more worthy. Carrying a heavy load is not better than carrying a light one or having none and having your hands free. Have your heart free. Don't let conscience hold you back from joy. Conscience can be a mind-set that denies you your birthright of joy. Reset yourself then. You are supposed to have joy. It is your duty to have joy. It is your obligation to enjoy. Put joy at the top of your list. Open yourself to it. Today I give you My joy.