Open Today

God said:

Nothing has to be the way you think it does. It is all your attachment. You are even attached to your daily rituals. You rule yourself by some kind of law as to when you take your bath, what you eat for breakfast, what cup you drink from, when and what you pray. Your daily rituals are a hanging on. But what is it you are hanging on to when you lay your life out like that, as though it were an appointment book or a how-to list?

Your life is a platform, not a schedule. Your life is a rolling stone, not an immovable object. Your life is not lived ahead of time nor are there slots for you to fit into. Your life is not embossed. It is not laid out for you. It is lived.

It is a walk in an unknown woods, yet you convince yourself it is an ordered regimented route and that you know exactly which way to go. You have known exactly which way to go to prevent the opening of life.

This day before you has never been before.

It is not a book that you have read.

It is an unopened book.

I suggest you open it.

The cover of yesterday has already been closed.

Live life anew.

Cross your bridges when you come to them.

Put your schedules down.

Christ took his disciples out of their routines.

Routines are not sacrosanct.

Turn your life upside-down. Spring clean it. Empty your life out like a stuffed closet so there is room for you to move along. Upturn your life.

You like to be stuck. You like to stay the same. When you let go of arbitrary holds on you, you will not be so different as you fear. You will be more of you. You will be a larger picture. You will move into greatness by letting go of some paltry things. Did you really think that you rule your life? That you are to conduct the same series of events every day? Often what you call stability is immovability.

Move on. Move up. Blossom. Go forth. Go on a picnic. Unplan your day. Make it topsy-turvy. Have fun. Demolish and build anew.

Whatever you have planned for today, do something else. Walk a different way. Skip along. Pull the sun to you. Pick flowers. Don't do what you think you have to do today. Try something else out. Don't be conscientious for once. Be free. Allow yourself the freedom of today. Don't think about it. Just know that today is a day you set sail on. Embark on today. Make today different. Make it a present you are going to open up and see what's inside.

Depart from your schedule. Do something different. Do everything different. Find out who you are. Are you really a duty nurse or are you an explorer? What do you think would happen if you didn't do today all the things you have relegated yourself to do? What if you took today off? What if you were absurd today instead of usual?

What if you were Columbus setting sail?

What if you were a discoverer?

Certainly there is something that you have not discovered yet. Have you been looking?

Discover yourself. Find out what a companion you can be to yourself. See how much fun you can be. How kind. Learn what it is to breathe and be not duty-bound.

Do something frivolous today. Unfold your life. Take away those neat pleats. Shake it up a little. Let the folds fall where they may.

Stay in your house, or go out, but branch out. You will be letting yourself blossom. Isn't it time you had fun? Today is the day. I give it to you for your pleasure. I give it to you as a day to find out who you are.