A Spark of God's Light

God said:

I am a plentiful God. I survey My Creation and I give. I know what to give. I know what I have given. Do you know what you have received?

Probably not.

Probably you notice everything that you don't want and forgot to see what you have been blessed with. Everything you don't want is clear to you. You make an objection after the fact. What good is that? Your knee has already been scraped, and you say, "I protest". A judge has sentenced you to a night in jail, and you say, "Your honor, I protest." Or you say, "God, why did You do this to me?" or "God, how could You have let this happen."

Instead of bemoaning what has transpired, wave your good to you.

Usher it in.

Welcome it.

Invite it.

Be assured of it.

Make acquaintance with your good.

Think beyond your present possibilities, and then you are thinking.

Do not mire yourself in conditions. Circumstances are but scenery passing you by. Scenery is not the director of you, but you have been kowtowing to it. Scenery around you is not the present. Scenery is something put up and then taken down. The present is something else. You have to look behind and beyond the scenery to know the present. You move through the scenery. The scenery does not place you somewhere. The scenery doesn't alter you although sometimes you believe it does.

You are far mightier than the scenery. And you will do well to look far beyond it. You must, or you are entrenched in the scenery, locked in to pictures around you, enmired in a backdrop.

Look to your heart, and look to Me, and you will see past the subterfuge around you.

My friends, you do not need to obey the events and circumstances of your life. Uphold only that within them which upholds you.

Look to your inner knowingness.

Be your own guide. Rely on truth and not so much on factors. Factors are but shifting sands. What do they really have to do with you? What does the impermanent have to do with the permanent? What does unholiness have to do with holiness? You are the permanent, and you are the holy, for you are a section of Me. You are a part of Me. Not just a splinter of Me, but a part. No, not a part. An integrated whole. You are My consciousness in Human form. Partake of My consciousness, for it is yours.

You are a little embarrassed when I call you holy. You cough behind your hand, as if I were not All-Seeing. You think you see better than I. You think I am blind not to see your misdemeanors, but you are blind to see them, for around you is a vast light so bright and so beautiful that if you could but see it, you would look at nothing else. You would not be blinded by this brightness, but you would see in this brightness, and you would breathe it in, and you would become it fully in your appreciation of its greatness. You would absorb it, or it would absorb you, and which was which would not matter at all, for you and the light would be merged, and you would be the light, or the light would be you, and there would be light magnificent, and you would know it. You would know Me, and you would know you.

I have always known you. You have not departed from your initial created moment. That spark is within you still. That is who you are. You are My true light. You who are made of My light are My light.