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How I found Heaven

Grretings to All:
I found heaven through a web of links that started with one e-mail I received this morning, asking to send good vibrations to the people of Haiti who are going through very difficult times. One link took me to the next, and then another, and another...Finally I landed in Heaven. I asked for special letter for me, and although I have not had the time to absorb all that it is in there, by just squimming it, I can say it is a message I needed to hear (read).
Thank you for this wonderful page. In love,


Hello, welcome to heavenletters. It is nice to hear from you. Where are you from? What language do you speak? Do you speak Croatian language? I look forward to your reply!

Beloved Anynomous, how

Beloved Anynomous, how lovely of you who are just brand-new here to welcome Zelmira who is also new here. I love the way you take initiative. With love and blessings, Gloria P.S. We're still waiting for Daniela's translation!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Beloved Zelmira, we are so

Beloved Zelmira, we are so happy you have found us and applaud you for posting so quickly!

Which Heavenletter did you get?

Are you subscribed to Heavenletters, dear one? We want you to!

With love and blessings,