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I am new here

Hello. I am anynomous. I am a female. The way I found heavenletters was that I was on the computer and searching for messages from God and somehow I came up to heavenletters. I started reading heavenletters everyday and it has really changed my life for the better. I have gotten to know God better through these heavenletters. Below you will find a question that I have:

* How can I receive heavenletters (I am subscribed) in Croatian?* I look forward to your replies.

Beloved New Friend, Daniela

Beloved New Friend,

We're so happy you are here!

Daniela from Croatia will do everything to translate this Heavenletter for you tomorrow.

She is working several jobs, working on her own book, and still she will see what she can do to keep translating Heavenletters into Croatian. Her translating is for you, and the others who want or need Heavenletters in Croatian, and in service to God. It is a beautiful thing, your asking and Daniela's answering you. .

Meanwhile, you can find 169 Heavenletters Daniela already translated on the Heaven Forum.

Thank you for asking. Your caring has stirred us to action here.

It is delightful to learn how you found Heavenletters and how they are helpful to you. We are so glad. We hope you will tell us more and not be anonymous any more!

With love and blessings,