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Hello from France

I'm Shanthi,a French woman,
I've just arrived in this heaven's link by chance and I am very happy to read all these posts and to feel the high vibration of all it is written here,
Excuse me my English is not perfect...!

Thanks for all your light's work.

Beloved Shanthi, perfect

Beloved Shanthi, perfect English is English written from a beautiful heart. Besides that, many would be thrilled to have your command of the English language. Grammar and such isn't to stop anyone from posting. Which is more important really?

I see you picked up the high vibration here, and now you are adding to it. Thank you.

I also notice that Christine, our French translator, invites French speakers to post under the French translations as well.

With love and blessings,


Welcome, Shanthi

Welcome, Shanthi, I think you will find many like minded souls on this forum. Gloria just gave us a new definition of perfect English and I love it! I really agree with her sentiment, all that matters is what you are trying to say, we can all figure out what you mean even if it is phrased in an unusual way for us English speakers. I agree with you, too, Shanthi, we are all appreciative of the love and insight so beautifully brought forth by the Heaven team and Gloria.


Hello dear Shanthi, I'm so

Hello dear Shanthi, I'm so happy you are here with us. Welcome!!

kind words

Hi Shanthi,

Thank you for your kind words to the participants of this website and its forums !
Feel welcome and enjoy it !