Hollyhocks Rising to the Sun

God said:

There are common metaphors in language that reflect higher truth. You say: "Things are looking up," "I'm feeling down," "I'm feeling uplifted," "My energy is high," "My spirits are low."

Uplift yourself with your words and your gestures.

Instead of waiting for something outside of you to help you notice the love your heart is full of, nudge your awareness along with the language of your thoughts. Create metaphors that help you recognize the ever-burgeoning love in your heart.

Picture your heart as a flower that opens magnificently. Which flower do you choose to represent your heart? Poets have used a red rose but any flower will do. A common daisy will do. Hollyhocks rising to the sun will do.

If flowers aren't your thing, picture your heart as a streamlined truck ready to travel. See how quickly it ignites and how it goes around those bends smoothly. Sweet-driving smooth-driving truck your revving heart is.

Picture your heart as a dining-room table, all set for Thanksgiving dinner, the glasses, full of wine, sparkle. The silverware gleams. Steam rises from the plentiful food on the table, and laughter abounds.

Picture your heart as an apple tree laden with apples. Its branches droop, not in fatigue nor burden, but in surrender the way a knight might bend his knee before his queen.

Maybe your heart is a delicious peach that is ready to burst its ruby skin with joy.

Maybe your heart is a seed growing its roots, soon to grow upward, pushing through the earth to reach the height and color that are its inevitable destiny.

Your heart has a destiny. Its destiny is to open in love. Your heart is a crystal of light that emanates from your chest. Or a ruby, or a yellow sapphire. Certainly your heart is a jewel.

Your heart is a chorus line of love, buoyant in its rhythm, joyous in its motions, all coordinated, all adorable.

Your heart is a flute, its music a call of love.

Your heart is the river rippling and splashing from its source.

Your heart is an open door never meant to close. Your heart must stay open. The flood of love in your heart is not to be stemmed. It is not to be delayed. It is meant to follow a wide swath and reach everything in its path. Its path is the whole universe. Your heart follows no map.

Your heart is like silk ribbon that keeps winding around the world, flowing and flowing, never knotted, always free to swirl its love, reaching the stars, appearing like a comet, like the rosy dawn, like the yellow sun and the white moon.

Your heart is like a charger, carrying love on its back, charging into the world and conquering it. Its victory is its own surrender. It wants its love to be taken. It gives its love in every hoofbeat.

What do you think your heart is? It certainly isn't a stone. Or, if it is a stone, let it be a diamond that sparkles so brightly that all hearts are touched by it.

Let your heart be honest. Let it do its job. Forego all your rules and regulations. Let your heart govern you. It will govern you with love.

Let your heart be like radiant water, adored by the sun's light on it, ever alighting while staying where it has already alit, carrying itself everywhere.

Let your heart be a pitcher of cream that you pour steadily from.

Let your heart be love flowing from the Heavens like a fine rain. The world is parched as it waits for your love.