Who Is the Doer?

God said:

When life becomes too much for you, as it sometimes does, look upwards. This will automatically take your attention off your troubles. When you raise your eyes, you raise your spirits. When you look up, you cannot remember your troubles. Troubles do not exist when you look upwards. And if by some chance you do recollect your woes, they don't feel so woeful. Look up a lot. Catch My eye.

There is a huge canopy of love over you. The sky covers the Earth. The sky is embossed on the Earth.

When you look up, you see beyond the sky, and, as it were, you go to the other side of it, and you begin to assume your place in Heaven, and you see from a vaster view. You round the world and find yourself standing in the same place as you are now. You will not recall, but you will have touched all the points of the stars, played hopscotch on them, sat on the crescent moon. warmed your hands in the sun. Effortlessly your love skates over the universe and glides back into your heart.

Surely there is more than your eyes can see. Your heart can know everything. Your heart is a crater of love. The strings of love in your heart connect you to Heaven, and they connect you to the innermost Earth. You are connected, beloveds.

The golden ladder to Heaven is your heart. Judgment cannot enter, so your intellect is left behind. The questioning mind can take you only so far. It cannot go the whole way, try as it may. Poor mind, it stays with its feet on the ground while your heart soars. The wings of flight are heart-borne. Your heart has a tail wind that raises it aloft whereas the mind cannot keep up.

The world and Heaven are full circle. Once completed, there is another circle then, and another, because infinite are the Heavens. Heaven and heart are related words, and they are related in fact. They are related in Truth. Your heart can only know Truth. Anything less than Truth disturbs your heart. You have felt that with wayward emotions.

If truth be known, your heart is always flying to Heaven. It gets its nourishment there. Your heart loops the Heavens. It embroiders Heaven and courses through your veins. Your heart circulates the essence of Heaven.

Heaven is established in you.

Trouble is not. Trouble is a passing parade. It gets out of sight quickly enough. In fact, remove the word trouble from your vocabulary. If the thought of trouble or strain did not exist, would you then have them?

When the world becomes too much for you, look Heavenward, beloveds. Catch up with the Heaven vantage from where toil and woe cannot exist. They have no place in Heaven, and if truth be known, not in your heart either.

When you know that I am the Doer, then you know that you are not. When you know that you are not the Doer, what then would hang heavily on you? Only a mirage of your thoughts. Actually, you have been weighed down by the opposite of a mirage, for a mirage in the desert tells you that there is water when there is not. In your case, you live in the oasis, and you think you are in the desert and that water is not.

Look up, and you will know where you are and what you are surrounded with. Instead of letting your fearful thoughts overshadow Heaven, let Heaven overcome your fearful thoughts.