How Could You Forget?

God said:

It is your own truth that you find in Heavenletters. Heavenletters confirm what you already know. What you already know has perhaps been buried, yet when it is pulled up, ah, yes, you remember well what you were trying to think of all along.

It's like when you have put down your favorite pen, and your hand gropes for it, and then, ah, yes, you find it, right where you left it. "Here it is," you say gladly.

And this is how it is with Heavenletters. Not Heavenletters alone, for there are many other wonderful connections to remind you. You see truth, and your heart leaps. "Here it is," your heart says gladly.

What you are reminded of was within you all the while, like a word that you can't quite recall. It's right on the tip of your tongue. The deeper remembrance of which I speak, however, is right on the tip of your heart.

You are vague about all the incumbent knowledge you have. You don't have to be vague nor do you have to be surprised by all the power of knowledge that rests within you either. Your awakening is what I would expect of a child of Mine. Not even expect, know. I know you are going to remember everything. How could you forget what is so natural and yet so cherishable? You can't forget forever. Eternity cannot be forgotten. It is your milieu. It is where you are right now.

And yet you can cherish even that which you don't presently quite remember. You can cherish even the almostness of your remembering.

You don't have to grope for the remembrance of Our close association and all that pertains to it. You don't have to hunt madly for it. It is right where it always was, throbbing away in Our hearts. All is known, and you know it. And I have never forgotten, not for one nonexistent minute.

Perhaps you fear that the discovery of your magnificence will be overpowering. But that's just the point. There will be a revolution! You will be taken over by Great Awareness. You won't be the same. What once seemed so important won't be any longer. You will have a longer vision. It will be like putting on new shoes. You won't want the old ones any longer. They served you well, but now the old ones simply don't fit. You don't want them any longer anyway.

A light will have gone on in your heart. In the light, all appears differently from what you imagined. Perhaps the room is exactly the same, but now you can see! How the light falls on the furnishings of the room makes a difference in what you see. It makes all the difference. Light moves, and you do too.

The moon draws you to it. It pulls the tides, and it pulls you. If the light of the moon can be so powerful, can the full light of awareness be less?

You will be pulled all right. You will be lifted. Like a kite you will fly. Like a balloon tied with a string to other balloons, you will rise and others will rise with you. The momentum of the light you have seen and now remembered will lift you. All will be seen by all.

Everyone will come to see the bright light of awareness. That is predestined. You have free will, but in this matter, your free will extends only so far. That you will ascend is not your choice. How is not really your choice. How soon could be your choice.

Beloved, when would you like to arise to the full light that has always been within you?

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