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Tina to God:

Dear God, I just now got to read April 6 and 7 Heavenletters. Ginger's transition out of the physical has gotten Gloria to open the doors wider and let more truth come flying in.

I appreciate very much being saturated with the truth in an area that is so hard to release: attachment. My mind and heart are soaking it up big time. All the attention to this topic is like a springtime feasting for my heart and mind. God, you are plowing up our old ways of thinking and planting the seeds for new growth.

Heavenletters Bring Changes

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Karen talks about releasing, whereas I'm used to saying unstressing, though I believe they are the same. Then I thought, what is it that is released but stress? And what is the incipient cause of stress? Control. So it is control that we release.


Furthermore, any control keeps you out of present time. Control is opposed to faith. Faith keeps you in the moment. Control keeps you out. Control pressures.

How Could You Forget?

God said:

It is your own truth that you find in Heavenletters. Heavenletters confirm what you already know. What you already know has perhaps been buried, yet when it is pulled up, ah, yes, you remember well what you were trying to think of all along.

It's like when you have put down your favorite pen, and your hand gropes for it, and then, ah, yes, you find it, right where you left it. "Here it is," you say gladly.

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