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HL Workshop in a Pyramid?

I just got this idea while exchanging emails with Dear Berit
from Italy.

How about doing a HL Workshop inside a Powerful,Huge,Pyramid?
Now that would be something different,powerful for everyone
inside and I think it will draw in a much bigger crowd.

What say?:)


Beloved Shahid, you are

Beloved Shahid, you are always thinking of Heavenletters and for Heavenletters, and you are always thinking big. Your idea made me smile with happiness.

Here's my take on it, dear one. God is everywhere. He is in pyramids, and He is outside them.

I imagine that pyramids are sacred places. I believe Godwriting is sacred too, yet to those in countries where pyramids exist -- I understand how they might feel this as an intrusion.

I am happy to give a workshop just about anywhere, and would never refuse an invitation, yet I would not push to have a workshop in any particular place.

It isn't necessary. Godwriting works wherever we happen to be.

I've given workshops in my living room, in other private homes, in churches, in libraries, outside in the fresh air, once in a room off the bar of a hotel, etc. There are certain atmospheres I might prefer than others, but to God it makes no difference whatsoever. He just likes to come to Godwriting workshops!

There would be no Godwriting if it were not for God! All we need is God and a pen and paper. And, of course, we could have a workshop by the ocean and we could use sticks to write in the sand. We could have a Godwriting workshop at the bottom of the ocean, I suppose! We could have a workshop in an air balloon. We could have a workshop on a boat, in a cave, in a tree....!

Heaven Admin and I will be working on an online workshop when we're traveling along on the Oneness Journey.

Thank you for thinking about Heavenletters, dear friend.

With love and blessings,



If you "would never refuse an invitation", Gloria, then I invite you in Italy to held a workshop in my house!

Okay, beloved Emilia, I say

Okay, beloved Emilia, I say a big resounding Yes! How shall we make this happen!

I am speechless and...just

I am speechless and...just so happy ! I can't believe it ! It was that easy. "Ask and it will be given". Gloria, you should tell me when you could come. I would love spring time, but I fear it is too early, September would be good for we would have more time to organize. I have to tell you where I live and discuss how we could arrange for others to attend. You, dear Gloria, would be my guest, if you agree. So we have quite something to consider and of course you know better than me the logistics of the event.

My dear Emilia, some things

My dear Emilia, some things have a life of their own! I am so happy too. Let's do it.

Do you remember a Heavenletter in which God said to say Yes to everything! (Well, not EVERYTHIHNG -- but as much as possible!)

Yes, we want to find people who want to come. One good thing we can start now to interest people in coming is to get people subscribing. When people read Heavenletters, a Godwriting workshop will be more enticing for them. How many people can your house hold?!! Perhaps Berit and Paula will be able to help us arrange a workshop and get the people. It will be helpful to have workshop support the trip.

How far are Germany and France and Holland? Possibly we can do some combining and have a workshop in other nearby countries as well. And you live in Roma!

Heaven Admin will undoubtedly come in and help to make this happen smoothly.

All day I have had the feeling that something wonderful is going to happen. Maybe it is this, dear Emilia.

Thank you for asking about a workshop in Italy! I was in Italy so many many years ago. What a good time I had.How marvelous the people, and the beauty of the country itself. My memories of Italy are sweet. And Trieste,France, Belgium, Austria, Germany and more. And two years ago, Greece, Germany, and Romania!

P.S. Anything confidential from your side, dear, don't hesitate to email.

Gloria, dear you won't

Gloria, dear you won't believe it! After I read your "yes" and after my response to you, I clicked on the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator and it appeared just that letter from God you mentioned. So I know it very well. How could it be?! I hate to disappoint you Gloria, but I do not live in Rome any more, I have moved 100 kilometers away few months ago. It takes one hour and 15 minutes to go to Rome. My area is well connected and well known.Of course my house is just a house, it is not an apartement, but a little "villa" and the living area is big enough ( 100 square metres). In any case if you prefer Rome I can arrange to have the workshop in a beautiful spot and it would be easier for everyone to join us. A workshop does it take one or more days? I do not know how many people you could collect to partecipate, I know that Berit and Paula live in Italy, but you surely know how many italian subscribers could be contacted. I do not know other ways to get people come. I also thought about your fees and of course it would be good to have enough participants to the workshop to sustain them. You surely should combine the trip to Italy with trips to France, Holland and Germany. From Rome it takes two/ three hours flying. Europe is not as big as America.

Beloved Emilia, I am

Beloved Emilia, I am thrilled to see you wherever you are. Your villa sounds beautiful. And

Perhaps -- I don't know -- a workshop in Rome as well. We're just talking out loud now, and we'll see where our ideas lead.

The workshop takes place on two consecutive afternoons. One workshop, two afternoons. Do the hours 1-5 work? What hours would work best in Italy, do you think? Are weekends best there?

Is it too hot in summer? Are people away?

What usually does take time and attention is getting the people.

Do you know of any spiritual groups in Italy who might be interested and help publicize? The workshop in Romania had 125 people. The publisher who sponsored it had a group of spiritual people who would meet every week anyway. And, as best I could tell, everyone who came already had the book. The book was big motivation to come.

Beloved Paula translated the book long ago. Now we need a publisher. Hmm. Maybe the time for that is now too.

God bless you for your forward-vision, cara Emilia. Please feel no pressure, angel.

With love and blessings,


Of course Gloria, even if we

Of course Gloria, even if we have the workshop in Rome, then you will come to see me, I will be honoured to have you in my house. As I understand the first thing is to have a publisher. I could think about that, I do not know if I can be of some help, but I will ponder it. Summer time is really too hot in Rome and especially in August the city is empty. The weekend is a good time because people usually do not work and are more relaxed. Afternoon time works too. Unfortunatly I do not know any spiritual group, really heavenletters are my unique spiritual experience. As I do not want to be misunderstood I will take the liberty to write you privatly about this.

And Turkey! How far is

And Turkey! How far is Turkey from Italy? Oh, to meet all the European translators!

Rome-Istanbul 2/3 hours

Rome-Istanbul 2/3 hours flying. Not far. I will go there next December.

Godwriting workshop in Turkiye

Canim Gloria Godrwiriting workshop organisation in Turkiye is a great idea. Why Not?
On the other hand, Thank God, I did not break any bone of mine but I am a bit sick nowadays and the doc gave me a full rest.
As to the organisation while I am resting I am thinking about it. To organise it as a personal entirprise may bring some difficulties. So I am considering to get in touch with a spritual organisation in Istanbul. I know one and they love Heavenletters, but we do not have a close contact. So I need time. At the moment I am not sure about anything. Besides I think God does not want me to be in a rush as well. So I should take careful and certain steps.
At the moment I can not promise for a certain date or a spesific organisation. But the idea is great. I NEED TIME BELOVEDS.


spiritual groups

Dear Gloria,
you previously asked me if I knew any spiritual group to contact for a Godwriting workshop here in Italy. I answered you that I know none, for heavenletters is my unique spiritual experience. I have always seen the miracle of life, but I have never attended any group. When I was forced to I felt very unconfortable. I have come to learn that I am a solitary searcher of Truth. I only believe in the power of singularity. I mistrust groups and their inner dynamics. And I have come to learn another thing by direct experience: never do proselytism. Whoever is interested must search and must ask on his own, it would be useless to try to persuade anyone, even with very strong arguments like our precious heavenletters. I have tried and what remained was a spot on a white linen. God will lead them to their goal, not me. God says to speak truth and I trust you will understand what I am trying to say.
With all my love.

Beloved Emilia, I understand

Beloved Emilia,

I understand perfectly what you are saying. I am not a group person either. Please do only what feels right to you. Follow that beautiful heart of yours always.

I just want to tell you how I see it, not to influence you but to clarify to myself and present my ideas better the next time. I will send this to Heaven Admin as well because he would like to put together a prepared packet to send to people who might like to set up a workshop.

Okay, with that being said, the workshop in Arizona was held at a Unity Church . The Unity Church sends out announcements to all their members. They have a bulletin they send out to all their members, and they include announcements about all events held there.

We don't have to join anything in order to let groups help us bring people to a workshop. Various spiritual groups have mailing lists. They like to help out, and their members could be receptive to a Godwriting workshop. When there are groups with mailing lists who are happy to publicize a workshop, we want them to do it.

Then there are internet groups like the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum. Berit, for instance, posts Heavenletters on certain internet groups.

If I had thought, I could have asked Russ Michael and Lady Isis who send out newsletters every day with the day's Heavenletter to publicize workshops.

There is a site in Italy that publishes Heavenletters often if not every day in Italian. I assume they still are. Paula has contact with them. It's quite a famous group. This is a group we could ask to announce the workshop.

Word of mouth works the best of all. That people read Heavenletters helps tremendously.

As for proselytizing, I feel the same as you. I don't want anyone to "convert" me to anything. If someone is excited about something, and they want to tell me about it, I can always say, "No, thank you." Of course, some people don't listen to the "No thank you!" and keep on!

Nevertheless, I always offer to send someone a Heavenletter. When I bump into someone, and they ask me what I'm doing, for instance, I tell them. And then I always say, "Would you like me to send you a sample?" I do not force myself on anyone, but I'm not shy about it either.

I'll give you an interesting example. Way back I sent a dear friend a Heavenletter. She wrote back and thanked me and told me Heavenletters weren't for her. Fair enough. This was before Heaven Admin, and I was sending out Heavenletters all on my own by hand.

Well, I heard back from my friend a week later. Somehow I had sent her another Heavenletter. I did not do it on purpose. I didn't even know I had done it until she wrote back to me. But this is what my friend wrote back: "Okay, I'm hooked. Send them to me." That turned out nice!

I guess I'm saying there is a difference between pushing and offering. It's a good thing to offer Heavenletters to other people and to encourage them to come to a workshop. No one is going to do anything they won't want to do.

Do you remember on the blog how you advised me to have a long big-stoned necklace to go with that dress I wore the first day of the workshop? I loved that you told me. How would I know unless you had told me. You made a lovely gesture, and I was receptive to it. And if I had not been receptive, it would still have been a lovely gesture you made.

Thank you so much for expressing your feelings and giving me this opportunity to find out what I feel -- and to express it.

When we have a workshop in Italy, we want to consider having Heavenreaders from other countries come to Rome as well and/or set up workshops in the other countries where we have strong translators who could help make it happen.

I also want to thank you, Emilia, for following through on the idea of a workshop in Italy. You are the one who made it real by asking for it.

With blessings and love, Gloria

Dear Gloria, you are always

Dear Gloria,
you are always so persuasive, and I have been meditating on your words. Offering is not pushing and I guess proposing is not promoting. We have to find the right way and you surely know how to do it. Concerning an italian publisher which could be interested in Heavenletters, I wonder if you know "Edizioni Mediterranee" ( ). It is a very well known italian publisher interested also in new spirituality which have published many books on the argument.

Let's find out if Paula

Let's find out if Paula previously contacted them. Whether she did or not, it may be time for us to approach them again.

Paula, we can work on a query letter together. The fact that there will be a workshop and possible book signings in Italy might help them make a decision in our favor.

God bless us all!

godwriting workshop

Dear ones

I feel the same as Paula does. We have no dogmas, no rules -- all we have are the beautiful words of God ( and that is without doubt for us ) every day - fresh and newly transmitted . We do not like proselytism - but there is a wish to share, - humanity needs God, that is without question for all of us.

There must be a yearning for God - if not it is perhaps useless to speak about something that is so far away from world consciousness. But there are many people yearning for God.

So in this particular case we could say, that many ways lead to Rome, but also perhaps many ways lead away from Rome.

Dear Gloria, probably I can arrange a workshop for you here in Germany- I have been in Contact with a spiritual Center - Babaji Ashram- and they do different Workshops of all kinds with very high spiritual quality. Pls. tell me if you are interested and when are you
planning to come to Europe. I will do my best to help and to assist you.

In love

Dear all, on this site here:

Dear all,

on this site here:

if you scroll down on the left where it says "Ricerca per editori" there are indicated many pubblishers could be contacted. From the name we could get the adress from the web and once the letter presenting the book and enclosure ecc are defined we could send out our proposals. Just an idea. Maybe Paula already has a list. I had one but lost in computer brake downs, sorry.

On this site here:

all kinds of workshops can be "advertised". I am on their mailing list and I think twice in a month or more often I get their mail where all scheduled events are listed. We could see in detail what info is requested and see if this could be tool to get more people.

This here:

is a spiritual site. Channelings etc. and they are also pubblishers I think. it could be a further contact for the workshop and for the book.

These are just some ideas.

As for the workshop Emilia's invitation is a real blessing !! Where to do the workshop depends, I think, on the fact if you dear Gloria, will come just to one place and make one workshop or if you think of making more than one workshops.
if it will be one workshop then the geographical position should be as centered as possibile for all involved. ... thinking of my "neighbour heavenangels" :-)))

Well, this thing is moving fast, it is ? Some divine turbo acceleration from Heaven ? Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

Much much love to all and a big big hug!!

Beloved Stefan and beloved

Beloved Stefan and beloved Berit, you are really spinning with ideas! Thank you for them.

It seems to me that, while Heaven Admin and I are in Europe, it makes sense to offer as many workshops as there are countries where people will want to attend them. Who knows when we could come again.

As both of you and Paula suggested, it can be helpful to use the help of people and organizations who have long mailing lists and are practiced in motivating people to attend. At the same time, getting people to subscribe to Heavenletters is a mighty good way of bringing people to workshops. Perhaps we can think of more ways of getting subscribers.

More soon!

Thank you all.

With love and blessings,


Thank you dear Berit for

Thank you dear Berit for coming into help, you are much more familiar than me with this spiritual world. Probably at the beginning I have also misunderstood what Gloria was asking me.
Dear Stefan, you probably was referring to my words, not Paulas'. I am sure Gloria will be thrilled to come to Germany and besides our countries are so close that she can easily combine. There is a yearning for God, I fully agree, but is not God available to all, is not God everywhere, isn't He speaking to us from the beginning of time? And we hear not.
With love

Dearest Emilia, I share you

Dearest Emilia,

I share you views about not feeling well in larger groups or regular meetings. mainly because indeed I don't want to put up limits and to exclude anything, whereas "groups" of one kind or another often do and further because my family life does not permit me such things now. So, I am too a lonely traveler let us say.
It is really wonderful that you actually invited Gloria to do the workshop at your beautiful villa, it is a great blessing to have such a wonderful place and you are so sweet and kind.

Let's see how God will guide us in this adventure !

much much love dear

Dear Gloria and all, there

Dear Gloria and all,
there seems to be much going on here on this thread. I opened another thread on the workshop in Italy, but I'll comment here as everybody seems to do so.

I have contacted a friend of mine, Magda, who organizes workshops and seminars in Turin, and she said she'd be happy to organize one for Gloria. I think Gloria will post more on this.

As for the publishers, I've written to many of them proposing the Heavenletter book, but they were not interested. The latest one was Stazioneceleste, whom Berit refers to. Their answer was that they don't intend to publish any messages coming from God or any entities, because they prefer that people find their path on their own. This was obviously a polite way to say no, but also an untruth, because I see that they publish books from some more 'famous' (in the wordly sense) entities. And besides it's funny that they'd say this, as I don't understand how people can find their own path if they are not offered various opportunities to choose.

Anyway, I think that maybe the idea of a workshop could arouse some publisher's interest. So we can see about this with Magda when the workshop is programmed in Italy.


I do not reproach. I love. (HEAVEN #1236)

Dear Paula, indeed I was

Dear Paula,

indeed I was searching for the post concerning Magda and Turin. Turin would also be ok. I think I could contact some people in Turin and see if they are interested.

You know, I really am a publisher, but only halfway. I mean I did register as pubblisher and I got 10 ISBN codes assigned. I did use only one number and could therefore assign further 9 ISBN codes but I have no means of printing copies of the book and we would still have the problem of the sales.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

Dear Paula, you give so much love and work and energy to Heavenletters, I would love to see the italian book printed !!!!!

Much love and a big hug

Dear Berit, that's

Dear Berit,
that's interesting what you say about being a 'halfway' publisher. How did you do that? Since long this has been a dream of mine, because there are some wonderful spiritual books I'd like to get published, but the publishers have their own editorial lines and they are not interested. Anyway, I know internet now gives many possibilities to publish books for a low cost (for example publishing,, SBC edizioni, and others), but I don't know exactly how they work and whether they publish also translations or only one's own writings. I know they also sell the books they publish on the internet, and of course if we have a workshop, you could sell the books to the people who attend.

I think we will find a way with God's Grace.


I do not reproach. I love. (HEAVEN #1236)

Dear Paula, I've done the

Dear Paula,

I've done the registration in 2004, so my memory is nearly gone :-(( it is the official register and I could make new registrations = assign ISBN codes to books. unfortunately my independence finishes there.
If you want we could register books. As I said, the problem of printing the books and selling them remains.
I have done this for a book I translated from german into italian but the printing was done in Poland.
I suppose I should think of changing work and become a 100% pubblisher. I can't tell you how many times I was so depressed by not getting a pubblisher interested enough. They seem just untouchable !

This reminds me of the film "Conversations with God" where Neale gets back the manuscript with a refusal. He just turns it back again to the pubblisher with a front page on which he wrote in cubital letters "DARE YOU !" or something like that.
When you apply proposal to a pubblisher (but you know this !) you are just a bothering to them, whereas I want them to know that this proposal, the HL book, is a unique and wonderful occasion to be the first one in Italy to pubblish this. It's a gift, a divine chance !!
That's why a first workshop in Italy could be of help. We could think of making a kind of "flyer" (=volantino) couldn't we ? We should enclose all that we do, I mean of course the HL presentation letter, HL, showing that there already are books in other languages, example of Heaven News, of YouTube. I'd love to bring them all so that they might get a real idea of what is behind.

Much much love dear Paula and yes God, pls flock Your divine Grace so that we can bring HL to Italy too !!!

@Paula, I'm reading through

@Paula, I'm reading through this thread and something you wrote triggered this response. people can find their own path if they are not offered various opportunities to choose.

As a youngster in school and out of school, I took all the "wrong" paths. One may say yes, that all those "wrong" turns help me relate to my brothers and sisters in whatever state of awareness and so be of service. Some of the "wrong" turns, yes, but the majority, I could have done without. Why was I not offered a Heavenletter then? Why was I not exposed to yoga then? One may say, "You were not ready." And I would say, nonsense!

@EveryOne, when sharing a Heavenletter or telling someone about Godwriting, we're not pushing anything into anyone's face. We are sharing from the heart. We are opening a new possibility. If this sharing is moved by a desire, then the desire is; a clearer relationship with God for everyone. In the Gita, it states that all desires must be renounced, but until then, replace desires with wholesome ones that are of benefit to all.

I do not go around telling people how good Heavenletters are. I leave traces of them in visible places, leaving the choice with the individual to follow the trail or not. It's my responsibility to share such beauty. It's like this with the Godwriting workshops. We share the news of the workshops in a humble and visible way, knowing that life will bring the the folk to the experience.

I am happy to see such

I am happy to see such interest and energy around the workshop in Italy. Turin would be a very interesting choise to held one, for the city has always been considered the spiritual centre of Italy and it has a long historical tradition on spirituality and magic. So I guess we could have much interest and attention on the event. And we could count there on someone professional to organize it. Besides Turin is a beautiful city. Concerning the editing of the book I think we first should point at the best. God is teaching us to claim the Reign, so we can dare to ask for a good publisher which can also take care of the distribution of the book. As I see the english edition is award winning and maybe times are ripe to try again. If the attempt will be not successful then, Berit, do not get depressed as it means that times are not ripe for all. As a second choise I think publishing on internet could be a chance, but I do not know how it works.

Me, too, Emilia!

Me, too, Emilia!

I am not sure this minute whose idea it was -- was it yours, dear Emilia -- that we publish Paula's divine translation of the Heaven book on the internet! That is a way to get the book out and fast!

It sounds like a GR8 idea to me!

Let's see what Heaven Admin thinks, for he surely knows how to do it.

And for the Turkish translation of the book as well!

Thank goodness for all of you.

With love and blessings,


It was Paula to tell it

It was Paula to tell it first, but I was pondering on this opportunity too as it seemed to me a good chance. I wasn't sure you would have accepted it, but, as I can see, you are a forerunner.

I'm ever so happy about the

I'm ever so happy about the Internet solution for bringing out the book. It is indeed a most wonderful way to spread the book. For some reason I too thought you would not have liked much this suggestions, maybe because all other books are in "paper" but I am sure it will really work out fantastically.

Let us know if there is some way in which assist if necessary.

Dearest Heaven Admin, what would we do without your most precious help ??? Thanks again and again and again for all wonders and miracles you do !!!!

Much much love

Publishing on the Internet

Publishing on the Internet is the way to go! Yes, let's make publishing translated versions a priority to be completed before the workshops. The languages would be; Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and French. Am I missing any? Catalan, Croatian and Greek all have over 100 translations as well.

This is so exciting! Beloved

This is so exciting!

Beloved Heaven Admin, we have to find you help. You are already doing more than one person can do. How do you feel about our asking for some assistance?

Update on the Godwriting workshop in Italy

Here's a compilation of Magda's and my correspondence. Magda is the lovely lady in Turin, who would like to help us make a workshop happen. Thanks to Paula, we have Magda's help.

Magda would love to join our Forum, but she lives where a fast connection is not presently offered, and that makes it difficult.

The Godwriting™ workshop can take place at a center Magda works with in Turin. It’s a pleasant place with a good energy, can accommodate about 60 people and is not very expensive. In case of more participants, she will find a hall in a nice hotel nearby. Magda indicates that we could easily attract at least 60 people. She suggests that the best time to offer the workshop would be the warm season, from mid March to mid July and September/mid October. People come from other towns as well, she said, particularly for American authors!

That’s nice to know!

When everything is decided, Magda will post the information on her site as well as on her friends' sites, distribute flyers in town and put the information in local newspapers. Magda’s site is And what a beautiful site it is.

We are trying to decide if the workshop will be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, or for one whole Saturday. There are good reasons for each way.

Wanting to make the fee comparable to what other foreign authors ask, Magda suggests 150,00 euros.

You can imagine all the work that Magda will be doing to make this event happen, and how happy we are to have her participation.

Here are the Italian Youtube Presentations I found. If there are more, please post them here. As you know, volunteers like Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Marlene Swetlishoff, and Mary Hession made these Youtube presentations, and Paula did all the translating.

Viaggio nell'amore di Dio e l'unità

La Sorgente e lo Scopo di Tutto lAmore

Dio suonerebbe una canzone e danzerebbe

And, of course, it was my pleasure to introduce Magda to Heaven Admin!

Beloved posters, will you kindly give us your ideas and suggestions?

Especial thanks to Emilia who initiated this Godwriting™ workshop in Italy. I think God must have given her the idea. :)

Godwriting workshops

Godwriting workshops proposed Itinerary - Friends, I've added a map with a proposed route. No dates yet. Still very conceptual.

Raising my hat ...

Dear Gloria, dear beautiful friends,

it's six days ago when Gloria asked for communication of my and others' feelings about presenting Godwriting workshops in Italy, Germany, and other countries.

In the meantime, each day, at several points, I thought of some of the aspects of such a journey and of the needed cooperation from a few European Heavenletters' readers, and of the words which had reached me, and I felt about them in quietness.

I noticed more and more, my feelings are saddened and weighted. They did not desist from their emitting along the days and along the communications which grew at our forum during the last few days.

So, dear blessing friends, let me raise my hat, pass by and let me bless your endeavour, proposals, opened areas of discussions and your conceptualizations in the widely spread and fully desiring and pure presence of All We Are,


dear Theophil

May I ask you, dear Theophil, why your "feelings are saddened and weighted"? It is not plain curiosity, I assure you, but something I feel I have to ask for myself. Would you be so kind to help me understand?

Dearest Theophil, I join

Dearest Theophil,

I join Emilia's question dear, but of course only if you feel like going a bit further into your feelings. I'd really like to understand with the heart let us say. I hope I am not disturbing you in any way dear.

Much much love and a loving hug

Oh dear ones, Turin is very

Oh dear ones,
Turin is very near my home! I will be there! How wonderfull to meet all of you!

Pitta dear, I didn't know /

Pitta dear,

I didn't know / remember you were near to Turin !! I live in Milan, so we are real near !!

Much much love

Oh, Berit! It's fantastic to

Oh, Berit!
It's fantastic to know you are in Milan, I live in Oleggio, near Novara (a few minutes from Lago Maggiore, Arona).
Wow! An Heavereader near to me! Wow!

I enjoy very much

Heilà, friends, any news

Heilà, friends,
any news about workshop in Turin?
I'm waiting the moment to meet you!

Beloved Patrizia, I wil

Beloved Patrizia, I wil check with Heaven Admin and find out when he is available to go. We need to determine when. Then when Heaven Admin and I know the week or weeks we can go, then we need to coordinate with any other countries that want this too, and then I will contact the dear publishers in Greece and Romania to see if they would like to organize workshops in Athens and Bucharest. I believe that we are definitely committed to Italy where the expressed response has been great. There is no way we are going to miss out on meeting you, sweetheart. And thank you for asking.