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Godwriting Workshop - Italy 2009

I posted this yesterday under general stuff, but maybe I should have posted it here:

I asked my friend Magda, who runs a website called and organizes seminars and courses in Turin, whether she'd like to organize a Godwriting seminar in Italy, and she said yes. So maybe this dream of having workshops in Italy and in other countries in Europe could finally come true!

The wheels are set in motion.


[Edited post title] Thank

[Edited post title] Thank you Paula. Italy would be one of the confirmed destinations for the workshop. Let's continue discussions on Italy here.

[I copied Gloria's message

[I copied Gloria's message from another post, here. It's related :) ]

Here's a compilation of Magda's and my correspondence. Magda is the lovely lady in Turin, who would like to help us make a workshop happen. Thanks to Paula, we have Magda's help.

Magda would love to join our Forum, but she lives where a fast connection is not presently offered, and that makes it difficult.

The Godwriting™ workshop can take place at a center Magda works with in Turin. It’s a pleasant place with a good energy, can accommodate about 60 people and is not very expensive. In case of more participants, she will find a hall in a nice hotel nearby. Magda indicates that we could easily attract at least 60 people. She suggests that the best time to offer the workshop would be the warm season, from mid March to mid July and September/mid October. People come from other towns as well, she said, particularly for American authors!

That’s nice to know!

When everything is decided, Magda will post the information on her site as well as on her friends' sites, distribute flyers in town and put the information in local newspapers. Magda’s site is And what a beautiful site it is.

We are trying to decide if the workshop will be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, or for one whole Saturday. There are good reasons for each way.

Wanting to make the fee comparable to what other foreign authors ask, Magda suggests 150,00 euros.

You can imagine all the work that Magda will be doing to make this event happen, and how happy we are to have her participation.

Here are the Italian Youtube Presentations I found. If there are more, please post them here. As you know, volunteers like Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Marlene Swetlishoff, and Mary Hession made these Youtube presentations, and Paula did all the translating.

Viaggio nell'amore di Dio e l'unità

La Sorgente e lo Scopo di Tutto lAmore

Dio suonerebbe una canzone e danzerebbe

And, of course, it was my pleasure to introduce Magda to Heaven Admin!

Beloved posters, will you kindly give us your ideas and suggestions?

Especial thanks to Emilia who initiated this Godwriting™ workshop in Italy. I think God must have given her the idea. :)