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Heaven Petals ?

Heaven Petals is such a wonderful place here on Heavenletters, no more new Heaven Petals posted ? How can that be ?
God speaks to all His children all the time and all that is shared enriches all.

You know, beloved Berit, I

You know, beloved Berit, I don't know why.

Will you begin, sweetheart?

Loving you,


Your delight is Mine

"I can mould into any form, any vibration, any density, any frequency, any world to come to you my dear child. I come to delight your heart, because your delight is Mine, your bliss and peace is Mine, and when My Bliss and Peace is yours, you are where you longed to be. Search no more. I am yours as you are Mine. In reality we are beyond "yours" and "Mine", WE ARE.

Your Loving God"

such a blessing,
Loving you always Gloria

Ah, this is music to my

Ah, this is music to my heart, beloved Berit.

Perhaps we can do an ebook of your Godwriting and/or a collection of Godwriters' Godwriting.

What do you feel?

Love, Gloria

Oh Gloria, I would so love a

Oh Gloria, I would so love a collection of Godwritings from ALL Godwriters. it is so important to share, because there is always a gem that God is hiding or better revealing for us. I feel so blessed when I can read Godwritings from other Heavenangel.
A wonderful idea.

One thing we can do, Berit,

One thing we can do, Berit, to get going is to go through the blog where there are supreme Godwriting samples. Can you squeeze in some time for this? I remember we have many samples. From the European Godwriting workshops as well. Let's just dig in. I think if we can just start, we will get it together. We can perhaps write to people who have taken the Godwriting workshop and ask them to send in some of their Godwriting. How do you think of going about it? I would also think that for an anthology, we would want to have a bio of everybody whose Godwriting is in it. Let's do it, Berit!

Right now I am really tied

Right now I am really tied up and do not feel like engaging on it, let's see at a later time or if some other Heavenangel volunteers who could do it now.
tons of love always dear.